Text exchange gives insight into the deranged mind of dog rapist

Inside the mind of depraved dog rapist Adam Britton: Vile texts reveal crocodile expert’s twisted childhood

  • Adam Britton tortured animals and molested horses at age 13 
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WARNING: Graphic content 

A depraved crocodile expert sent vile texts to Telegram users under the name ‘Monster’, boasting about how he tortured small animals as a child, molested horses as a 13-year-old, and encouraged others to rape and kill pet dogs.

Adam Britton, 52, confessed in Darwin’s Supreme Court on Monday to about 50 charges relating to animal abuse, bestiality, and for the possession of child exploitation material.

According to court documents seen by Daily Mail Australia, the once-respected academic and zoologist sourced about 42 dogs on Gumtree Australia over a two-year period for the sole purpose of torturing the animals to death on camera.

Britton would often arrange to take dogs from families who were forced to give their pets up due to work or health issues, and once described watching children cry as he took their beloved pets away.

He was arrested in April 2022 when an anonymous internet user noticed a female dog in one of his online videos was wearing an orange City of Darwin leash.

However, texts tendered to the court show that Britton had been abusing animals long before he was even on the radar of local authorities.

‘I always knew I had it in me,’ he once said in a private chat.

Adam Britton (pictured) has confessed to animal abuse, bestiality, and for the possession of child exploitation material

Pictured: A mock-up of a Telegram conversation Britton had with a user referred to by police as ‘Deleted Account 8’

He operated two Telegram accounts between 2020 and 2022 under the names ‘Monster’ and ‘Cerberus’ – the latter being a three-headed dog in Greek mythology – which he used to send out footage of the abuse to other depraved people.

It was in these conversations that he spoke freely about his his disturbing bestiality fantasies that began when he was a school-aged boy growing up in England.

One conversation took place between August and December 2021, with a Telegram user called ‘Gorvaged’ who Britton described as a ‘close friend’ due to their shared sick obsession.

‘I remember being sadistic to small animals when I was maybe seven or eight, and I repressed it but it really started to come back out again in my fantasies in my 20s and 30s,’ Britton said, under the pseudonym ‘Monster’.

He was a self-described ‘zoosadist’, which means he took sexual pleasure from animal cruelty.

In the messages, he wrote: ‘I became a zoo [sadist] when I was… well, probably about 12.

‘I vaguely remember being interested in animals before then, but that’s when it got sexual. I started fence jumping when I was 13 or 14 and molesting horses.’

Pictured: A mock-up of a conversation Britton had with Telegram user, Gorvaged, in 2021

He gave advice about how to source dogs to kill, and the best ways to lie to the owners – which included taking special care not to appear ‘creepy’. 

‘Have a decent story (sob stories are best, your poor dog died you want another etc) and be genuine, friendly, not creepy,’ he said   

‘Owner is looking for a good ‘forever home’ for their beloved pooch, make sure you offer them one. Use fake numbers and addresses, walk away if it doesn’t feel good or easy, and try again if it doesn’t work out.’

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Britton’s online friend asked, on behalf of another user called ‘Mr Fear’, whether he had ever taken a dog from a crying family member.  

‘Like a crying daughter or something?’

Britton said: ‘Every time there’s a kid, there’s crying. Every. Time.’

In another conversation with a user referred to by police as ‘Deleted Account 11’, in September 2021, Brittonj said: ‘I was talking with someone else about why I love to hurt dogs, and that was what I’d been thinking.’

‘I wasn’t sure at first, but now I live for it. I can’t stop myself.’

Court documents show Britton had conversations with those two users in particular, but Deleted Account 11 appeared to be relatively new to the world of zoosadism.

Pictured: A mock-up of a conversation Britton had with a Telegram user referred to by police as ‘Deleted Account 11’.

In November 2021, the pair engaged in a disturbing conversation during which Britton admitted he felt guilt the first time he murdered a dog, but overcame it by killing more dogs.

Britton asked: ‘You want to try torturing or snuffing a dog? It’s worth it.’

Deleted Account 11: ‘God yes I do. Have you done it?’

Britton: ‘I have. It will change your life for the better 😉

Deleted Account 11: ‘Oh I’d love to hear all about it! Were you nervous?’

Britton: ‘The first time? Yeah, I guess I was. I mean, I definitely was. And there was some regret afterwards even, but it passed quickly and I did another a week later. And that one I did not regret. And then another, and another etc.’

Deleted Account 11 then called Britton ‘inspirational’.

At one stage, as Britton described the agony he inflicted upon dogs – which he once dragged out for four days on the same animal – Deleted Account 11 said: ‘Damn everything you are saying is so hot x.’

Before his deranged habits were uncovered, Britton (pictured during an interview with Triple J) was a well-respected zoologist and crocodile expert

Throughout the conversations, Britton sent dozens of videos to his depraved friend which showed him carrying out abuse against the helpless animals.

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In December 2021, Britton and a user referred to by police as Deleted Account 14 had a conversation about Gorvaged, who appeared to have died unexpectedly.

Deleted Account 14 said: ‘He was a keystone to this community.’

Britton replied: ‘I should probably delete our chat history, but…I don’t want to.

‘I guess his family won’t know how much he was respected by our little community, but… that’s probably for the best lol! God damn, life is short.’

Court documents also described the child abuse videos found on Britton’s computer, some of which he appeared to obtain via other Telegram users.

One user who called themselves ‘Clark Kent’ offered to sent Britton a video of a baby being abused.

Britton wrote: ‘Curious to see that one. I mean generally it’s not my thing, but sometimes you know… ;).’

The conversations invariably turned back to animal abuse and necrobestiality, which is sexual intercourse with a dead animal.

Britton was caught in April last year, shortly undoing came shortly he uploaded a video called ‘1B***h9Pups’ to an abuse website on March 22, 2022. 

Britton (pictured) was arrested when internet sleuths recognised a City of Darwin leash on one of the dogs in a video he posted online

The following day, an anonymous internet user noticed the adult female dog was wearing an orange City of Darwin leash with the slogan ‘great pets start with you’.

They referred the footage to the NT Animal Welfare Branch via Gmail, which then referred the matter to police.

On April 22, a month after Britton posted the video online, NT Police and Australian Federal Police raided his McMinns Lagoon home, in Darwin’s south.

Detectives seized computers, mobile  phones, cameras, external hard drives, tools, weapons, dog paraphernalia and sex toys. 

They also found severed dog limbs in a freezer, a decomposing puppy in a pond on the property, and a severed dog head on a neighbouring property.

Britton was charged with 37 counts of animal cruelty, 10 counts of raping or attempting to rape a dog, and four counts of possessing or transmitting child abuse material.

He has been on remand in custody since his arrest and will appear in court again for sentencing on December 13.

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