I’m a beauty guru and have a genius curling hack to make your tresses look flawless and it takes minutes to do | The Sun

A BLONDE woman has revealed her clever curling hack for when she’s in a rush to get out the door. 

Having long hair means you’re not always able to simply get up, brush your hair and step out the door to start your day. 

And Summer knows this fact all too well, which is why she sleeps with a braid to make life just that tad bit easier. 

Now, taking to her TikTok account, @summer_milne has shared her quick-fix to looking well put together with bouncing curls every day. 

“This is my hair curling hack for when you’re in a really bad rush,” she started the clip. 

“I’m going to the gym and I have so many things to do in the afternoon so I’ve got to look cute.” 


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Turning around, she then told viewers that she slept with her hair in a braid. As she has lots of layers in her tresses, she finds that strands fall loose throughout the night. 

Summer went on: “So get your handy, dandy curling wand and I just curl all of the pieces that have fallen out lightly. Then I hold them, scrunch them and let them drop.” 

Once she was done with the strands that frame her face, she took the hair tie out to release her hair from the braid. 

“Then you want to take the hair band off of the bottom of the ponytail and curl only the end piece, which is like three curls,” she said. 

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Holding each strand for around 10 seconds in the curling wand, she repeated the process of scrunching and releasing her hair. 

She continued: “And with the ends, you want to switch from curling towards you to away from you, that just makes it look so much better… Much more voluminous.” 

Releasing her hair and giving it a shake, she then framed her face with her tresses, showing off the finished look. 

“It’s so easy, literally took me about five minutes and it looks like I just freshly curled my whole head, but I did not,” she said as the video came to an end. 

“I do this almost everyday lol,” [sic] she added in the caption. 

Viewers couldn’t help but be impressed with her hair trick as one person said: “Okay this is a LIFE HACK! Also you are sooo beautiful,” with a red heart emoji. 

“It’s a life saver do it all the time and ty angel,” [sic] Summer responded. 

Another quizzed: “whats the hair curler called?” [sic] to which she replied: “Conair curling wand”. 

A third said they’ve been doing this “every single morning,” while a fourth added: “I do this when I have time bc I’m lazy”. 

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