I'm a catfish – men say I’m ugly when I’m makeup free but are stunned when I'm dolled up & think I'm a different person | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that her makeup transformations are so good people often question if it's even the same person.

TikToker Valeria Voronina is often questioned over her dolled up look with people wondering if her makeup skills are really that good.

She revealed that men often call her ugly when they see her without makeup on – but are left stunned b6y her appearance once she's dolled up.

In a recent TikTok video, Valeria posed in front of the camera bare-faced, with her curly locks in braids and wearing oversized glasses.

She wrote: "Him: "You're too ugly to be talking to me," as she stared at the camera checking her appearance.

But Valeria then transformed in front of your eyes, saying she didn't want to talk to them anyway.


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In the next clip, her bouncy hair is down and she is fully glammed up with a stunning smoky siren eye, dramatic fake lashes, and plump lips.

While the clip does appear to be heavily filtered – people can't believethe difference contour and bold eye makeup can make.

In most of her clips, Valeria appears with no makeup on, her hair undone and sporting her wide-rimmed glasses.

In contrast to the dolled up version of herself where she stares seductively into the camera with her big fluffy lashes.

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People quickly took to the comments section to share their opinions on the transformation.

Some people suggested it should be 'illegal' and others praised her makeup skills.

One wrote: "Without a doubt one of, if not THE, best makeup artists I’ve seen on TikTok!"

Another commented: "So beautiful…..but how do you do that ?!?!"

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