I’m a chef, you’ve been seasoning your meals wrong, the right way means you won’t ruin the dish if you add too much | The Sun

ANY home cook will know how it feels to be preparing a dish, only to realise it needs more seasoning. 

But that’s when a culinary disaster can strike, as many struggle to get the quantity right and end up ruining their food by giving it too much of one flavour.

Luckily, a trained chef has come to the rescue and revealed a top tip she learnt when she was studying to be a professional and culinary instructor. 

And Kelly Scott, aka TikTok user @kellyscleankitchen, said that most people are seasoning their food in the totally wrong way. 

Lifting the lid on the right technique, Kelly explained: “[This is] one of my favourite cooking hacks that I learned in culinary school.

“If you’re cooking a sauce or a soup and it’s not tasting right, and you don’t want to add something to the whole entirety of it, all you need to do is take a spoonful of it.”

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Kelly then showed the hack in action, as she took a spoonful from a fish stew she was making.

She said: “I have a cioppino going right now.

“Take a spoonful and then add whatever you think may enhance it.

“So I’m going to do a little bit of salt here, just a pinch.”

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Once you’ve added your seasoning to the bubbling dish, it’s time for the all-important taste test.

The chef continued: “And then you know if it needs salt in the entirety of it – if it tastes better from that salt, or if it tastes worse, you know how to course correct.”

Explaining the reasoning behind the decision to just try it with a spoonful, Kelly spoke from her own experience.

She added: “And you’re not ruining a whole batch of soup or sauce by adding stuff in, as you might be wrong.”

The simple but effective trick went down well with her social media followers, who said they couldn’t believe they’d never thought to do it that way before. 

One said: “Oh. my. GOD. This is so obvious and yet I have never thought of it, ever.”

A second was in agreement, as they wrote: “I was expecting loads of ‘yes, obviously’ comments but luckily no-one else thought of it either.” 

A third commented: “So obvious but I’ve never thought of this.” 

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While a fourth typed: “Thanks! That’s really helpful.” 

And a fifth concluded: “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this!”

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