I’m a design expert – the DIY addition that can make your house look ‘dated’, and what to go for instead | The Sun

IT'S arguably been one of the biggest homeware trends of the year.

But it's bad news for those who have taken it upon themselves to add panelling to their walls.

Design expert Marissa, founder and creative director of interior design service The Home Narrative, took to TikTok to warn that the DIY panels can lead to a room looking "dated".

"Is wall panelling going to date our spaces?" she began.

"So I do partly agree with this – but it really depends on what type of wall moulding you have put in your home.

"And before I show you some example photos, you will notice a prevailing theme – things that look very DIY-ed do date your space."

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She then went on to show some dark green panelling on the bottom half of a wall, some asymmetric lines on a brown wall creating panelling, some panelling with bigger centres and two smaller squares at the top and bottom, and another with triangular panels.

"In the last five years if you've done this, that, or this, or that, and even this – I agree, they will all really date your spaces," she said.

Instead, you should go for something that's "traditional, classic and screams good workmanship," Marissa explained – adding that panelling or wall moulding that's been made well is "timeless".

"So always be mindful of the quality and craftsmanship of a particular feature you're putting in your home," she added.

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"It does make a difference."

People took to the comments section to weigh in on Marissa's assessment, with one writing: "Also to add any panelling that does not reflect the houses age or style is dated before it goes up."

"And that’s the reason I didn’t jump on the trend," another added.

"100% agree!" a third said.

"It must depend on your style because the ones you say look great look really dated to me," someone else argued.

To which Marissa replied: "It is more of a traditional classic style, so if that isn’t your personal style then you will always think it is dated."

"I've always said this!" another said.

"Agreed," someone else wrote.

"I think the biggest issue with the obv DIY walls are the seams."

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