I'm a dog trainer – big breeds are at risk of a deadly condition with three chilling 'warning signs' to watch for | The Sun

A DOG trainer has revealed the number one killer of large dogs and three chilling warning signs.

Bloat is deadly for large breed dogs, according to one expert, but luckily there are ways to spot this condition in your furry friend.

While bloat is more "prevalent" in large dogs, it can happen to any kind of dog at any age and at any size, an expert from American Standard Dog Training warned on YouTube.

The trainer explained in the video, that after feeding your dog, their stomach full of food can "cinch itself," if they are jumping too high or rolling around.

"It will literally flip inside of them," the trainer said.

"There's no alarm bell that goes off, there's no sound that your dog will make," according to the trainer.

Once the stomach is cinched off, "the gases inside the stomach are going to start to expand, the food is not able to move on into the small intestine," the trainer said.

He added: "Within about an hour or two the stomach's going to swell up and actually rupture inside of their chest cavity."

The trainer gave three warning signs that may save your dog from bloat if you are able to get them to help in time and there aren't further complications.

From his own experience with his dog who unfortunately passed away from bloat, the trainer said that his dog was "panting and restless."

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The dog was "just walking and walking and walking" before bed, which was unusual.

He added that his dog just couldn't "get comfortable."

Another sign is "dry heaving or them trying to throw up but nothing's coming up," the trainer said.

To help prevent bloat, the trainer advised that after you feed your dog they must rest for 60 minutes minimum preferably 90 minutes to two hours.

He also said to not overfeed your dog and don't let them drink a ton of water, because the more volume in their stomachs, the easier it is for their stomachs to flip over.

Your dog can also get preventive surgery where their stomach is stapled to the side of the inner side of the chest cavity, which keeps it from flipping.

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