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WITH so many different style engagement rings available, it can be hard knowing just what design to choose.

But according to a fine jewellery and engagement ring designer, there are three styles that everyone should avoid.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@thejewelstandard), the jewellery expert, known only as the 'diamond queen' online, begins by urging people to steer clear of a single shared prong diamond band (or 'floating' diamond band).

"These settings are not very secure because you only have one prong holding each diamond in place," she warns.

"So for something like an engagement ring that you're going to wear every day and it's going to take a lot of wear and tear, you really don't want to have a ring that's super delicate and prone to having stones fall out."

Next up, the engagement ring designer advises never opting for one that has a four prong setting without a basket.



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Sharing an example of what not to choose, she says: "Here you see there are four prongs around a stone, but they're just standing on their own."

She goes on to warn that if you have something without the basket, then things can get caught on it.


"If one prong gets loose, the entire stone can be compromised so I really don't recommend having this – we will not set a ring like this – you will have problems down the line," she explains.

Instead, she shows a much safer option and explains: "What you want is this basket that's wrapping around the stone and connecting all the prongs to really keep the stone in place to make sure it's not going to fall out or get loose in your setting."

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Lastly, the jewellery pro would never recommend her customers settle for a super thin solitaire engagement ring.

"Everyone wants the thin look and it's totally achievable, but what I'm talking about is too thin," she says.

"If your engagement ring is too thin, a few things can happen.

"It can get bent, the shent can crack or the entire thing can get bent out of shape and it can look like a lopsided circle."

She goes on to say that your engagement ring is probably going to be your most worn piece of jewellery so you really want it to stand the test of time.

"This is why for a band without any diamonds, the thinnest should be 1.5mm and with diamonds in the band we recommend the thinnest be 1.7 mm.

She continues: "You want your ring to be secure – you're going to wear it every day.

"The fact is there's a large stone in the centre that needs support and anything less than 1.5 mm will cause you problems down the line – guaranteed. There's no design secret that can change that fact."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, racking up over 162k likes and several comments.

"Agree agree agree," wrote one.

A second penned: "Almostttt did the first one."

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A third commented: "Not me with my four prongs and no basket."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "My thin dainty band split after five years."

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