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Anyone who cooks even semi-regularly knows the pain of food sticking to the bottom of the pan.

It not only ruins the presentation of your dish – it makes the pan an absolute nightmare to clean, and infuses everything you prepare afterwards with a nasty burnt taste. 

So one canny influencer has shared her simple two-minute hack that instantly transforms any frying pan into a non-stick one using just a 50p fridge staple. 

Kamana Bhaskaran is a digital creator with more than 220k followers on her Instagram account, where she shares South Asian inspired hacks, DIY projects and recipes. 

And in a recent clip, she astounded viewers by showing off her mother-in-law’s nifty trick to banish the days of your dish sticking to the base.

“Have you tried cooking with cast iron but your food keeps sticking?” Kamana begins by asking viewers. 

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“Not any more,” she continues, while holding an onion and a spotless frying pan and promising to disclose her mum-in-law’s helpful hack. 

Begin by preheating your cast iron, the kitchen buff begins, before rubbing “the cut side of the onion (or shallot) on your pan”. 

The science behind the trick is that the heat “activates the onion’s natural compounds”, she explains, which form a “non-stick sulphide layer”. 

“Now your cast iron won’t stick,” she concludes, showing herself easily removing a mouth-wateringly perfect pancake from her transformed skillet. 

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Kamana’s nifty trick left viewers open-mouthed, quickly amassing a whopping 250k views. 

“Wow, what sorcery is this!!” one fan joked. “This is magic!! I can’t wait to try this, onion for the win.” 

Another wrote: “I’m Indian and my grandma has been doing this since I can remember and my mum does the same now and also I have followed. It works wonders.”

But not everyone was entirely convinced. 

“Seems like the food would taste like onion,” grumbled one user. “I like onion but I don’t want everything I cook to taste like onion.” 

If you’re struggling with sticky steel, there’s a few other tricks that you can try out to get your pans perfectly slippery.

One method is to add a tablespoon of oil to a very hot pan and spread it with a paper towel, making sure to use an oven mitt or tongs to protect your hand. 

Once it starts smoking, turn off the stove and let it cool completely, by which point you should be able to see your reflection in it. 



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That means the pan is seasoned: the molecules have expanded and the oil has become embedded into the pan’s surface, meaning food will no longer stick to the lubricated cookware. 

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