I’m a mom-of-four – I have an ‘apron belly’ after losing weight but I’m proud of my body, I’d never get it removed | The Sun

A SOCIAL media influencer and mom-of-four is loving her post babies belly and wants other women to feel the same.

TikToker Sarah Nicole’s (@thebirdsofpapaya) message is getting out to a lot of people.

At the last count, she has 526k followers and 11.4 likes, all lapping up her body-positive affirmations.

She bares her soul – and her belly – in her latest post and is inspiring hundreds of women with similar body shapes.

Post-baby tummy is normal, but she thinks there is too much shame attached to it and has no intention of having it removed.

She admitted: “Loose skin/apron belly: honestly I’m ok with it and I’m the last person I expected to say that.”

It’s been a tortuous journey at times for this mom, but she’s got there and she’s proud of what she has achieved.

Of her belly, she says: “I don’t love it, don’t hate it. I’m indifferent.”

But she is often asked how she deals with all that loose skin.

“So I have had four children, starting when I was 21 until I was 37 that’s 16 years of having babies.”

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She’s also experienced yo-yo weight loss and weight gain.

“I lost 100 lbs, I healed from disordered eating,” she revealed, “came back, gained weight, which was really great.”

But her story has brought her to a place of acceptance.

“I have found a lot of peace with my body and I’m really freakin proud of everything that’s happened and how far I have come.”

She knows having her apron belly removed was an option for her, but she has ruled that out.

“For me, I know I could have it removed but finding peace with it was something that seemed so impossible, but now I just don't even care.”

Her followers were moved by her openness and ability to accept her body for what it was.

“I love that you said you could have removed it but found peace with it. I have the same apron flap,” admitted a fan.

Others saw beauty: “This is a work of art.”

Many followers saw her as an inspiration: “I freakin love you. I’ve had two kids and I had issues with the way I looked but the first ever post I seen from you and you changed my whole life.”

Similarly, this fan said: “You helped me make peace with my body. Thank you.”

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Her message of body acceptance was felt by many, including this final comment.

“I can’t love this enough. You’ve made me fall in love with my body.”

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