IF you have little kids at home, you know that they’re always asking for snack time.

And with summer here and no school to distract them, you are at their beck and call when it comes to feedings.

One mum of four named Lauren Clutter, who goes by @lauren.clutter on TikTok, has gained a following thanks to her parenting tips and home hacks.

She recently revealed how she keeps her kids satisfied throughout the afternoon.

“My kids could literally eat snacks all day long.

“So to avoid them asking for snacks all day every day, also to avoid them running in and outside from the pool, we are setting up this outside snack station.”

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She showed a four-drawer cabinet that she positioned under her terrace next to the pool.

In the comments section, Lauren revealed that she purchased it at Home Goods.

“Each kid has a drawer where I will put snacks for them for the day that they can come and just grab on their own.”

Inside one of the drawers was a bag of Cheetos, a Chewy Bar, a Rice Krispie Treat, a mandarin, and an apple.

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Besides being a great way to provide easy food variety, it also keeps your kitchen from getting soaking wet.

It can also prevent accidents from slips inside – because we all know little kids love running into the kitchen in their bathing suits.

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After someone noted that the snacks would be gone within five minutes, Lauren added that her rule is that once they are gone, they’re done with snacks.

And that rule means her kids have to learn how to space it out and not overdo it at once.

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