HAVE you ever seen a baby that wasn't all that cute, but didn't know what to say to the parents?

Well you're not alone, in fact one nurse revealed how they manage to get around the elephant in the room after they're born.

In a clip shared on TikTok, Miki Rai, who is a nurse from Seattle, revealed what she was trained to say if your baby is 'ugly'.

"My preceptor in labour and delivery in nursing school actually taught me this," she said.

"If the baby's cute, you can just tell them the baby's cute," Miki explained.

But it's a different story altogether if the nursing staff think your baby isn't adorable.

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It's bad news if you've ever heard that your baby looks just like you.

"If the baby's ugly, you just tell [the parent] they look just like them," the nurse quipped.

She added that she doesn't personally use this trick, but knows other nurses who do.

Viewers of the clip also revealed what they say if they don't think a baby is cute.

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One confessed: "I just say 'awww oh my goodness!'"

A second said: "My mum always told me if the baby is ugly to say he/she is so precious."

Another wrote: "Oh man I use that exact line."

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