I'm a professional cleaner – why I NEVER use window cleaner on glass & the £2 product which does the job so much better | The Sun

IT'S a product that can be found in most people's cleaning cupboards.

But one professional cleaner has insisted it's not worth splashing out on window cleaner, as Mr Sheen is even better.

"As a professional cleaner of over 10 years, there is one product that I do not use and that is window cleaner," Gem said in a video on her TikTok page.

"I would recommend swapping that for Mr. Sheen."

And despite the fact that it's not the cheapest product on the market, she insisted it's 100% worth it.

"I know it's gone up in price, but is so much better than any window cleaner, even the Spanish window cleaner," she added.

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"It leaves the best shine and it's more of an effortless clean.

"It's so much easier to work with, and the shine is a million times better than any window cleaner."

When it comes to where she uses Mr Sheen, it's probably easier for Gem to reveal where she doesn't use it.

"Use it on your TV units, your mirrors," she said.

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"I use it on the lights, I use it on windows, I use it on Chrome, I use it on the tiles.

"I even use it on shower glass.

"It is my favourite product."

"Mr Sheen is my fav," Gem added in the caption.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "I prefer mr Sheen.

"I always get residue left on with window cleaners."

"Just tried it and you’re so right!!!" another added.

"I use it and you’re right it’s brill," a third commented.

"I worked in a shop 25 years ago we used it on the dressing room mirrors," someone else wrote.

"Yes! even when I was being trained in housekeeping, I was told to avoid window cleaner," another added.

"It just creates a film over the glass and doesn't actually clean."

"Do you use a glass cloth or just normal?" someone else asked.

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With Gem replying: "Yes, glass cloth!"

"Omg same!!! I use it on outside of my oven doors as well," another added.

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