I’m a tattoo artist and there’s an inking I refuse to do – you need to be well inked before I even think about it | The Sun

A TATTOO artist has revealed the one major red flag they look out for in clients, and they even refuse to ink anyone who does it.

It's really disrespectful and comes across as so rude, according to the artist who slammed those guilty of breaking his golden rule.

The problem is when people ask for a face, neck or hand tattoo without having "a single tattoo anywhere else," the artist said.

"I can't even have conversation with you," he admitted.

The problem isn't really the visible tattoos, but not paying your dues with other ink before going all-out with something you won't be able to hide easily.

Since face and neck tattoos can be "job stoppers" the artist admitted he didn't like when people thoughtlessly go full steam ahead without committing to "the culture" of tattoos first.


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Not everyone agreed with the artist though and many tattoo fans flooded the comment section of the TikTok video.

"Judging tattoos is the biggest red flag, get what you want, how you want, where you want," one person commented.

A second agreed: "Red flags are tattoo artists like this."

"Whenever a tattoo artist think that you need to have experience to get a tattoo is a MAJOR red flag and customers should avoid them like the plague," another wrote.

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But others sided with the artist and agreed you should never get a face, neck or hand tattoo without having others first.

"100 percent facts, you should have at least five," one said.

Another wrote: "I'm getting my hands done after having 27 tattoos done everywhere else and I'm still worried someone is going to say I don't have enough ink to have them."

Meanwhile, other TikTok users thought the artist just didn't want to be "held responsible when the person regrets it."

And some pointed out that visible tattoos don't stop you getting a job like they did in the past.

"We're in 2023, it really doesn't matter anymore," commented one.

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