I’m a tattoo artist and there’s standard tattoos everyone get and regrets in 10 years time – they just turn into blobs | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL tattoo artist has unveiled the tattoos he’s sure people will regret getting 10 years down the line. 

Sharing a video with photos of the ink he’s talking about, Jacob J Lopez explained that mini tattoos don’t look good a decade on. 

One image showed someone's hand with a geometric diamond tattooed on it, another saw a small middle finger, a third showed a wave while a fourth showed a small flower.

“10 years from now they’re going to turn into blobs, they’re not going to have any detail,” Jacob said. 

He then shared a series of images of delicate, thin writing etched into skin. One said ‘joule’ while another read ‘fairy’. 

“Although these ones are super pretty, they’re also going to turn into blobs. They won’t last the test of time,” he explained. 


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He then shared another series of four tattoos, all of which had a neon feature to it. One saw a woman’s face with a flower framing one side and two leaves in neon blue. 

Another showed a middle finger outlined in neon orange, a third saw a collection of clouds with green neon thunderbolts, while a fourth showed the outline of a ghost with a neon skeleton inside. 

Jacob said that while they are “bad***”, people who get these kinds of tattoos will only be able to show them off for around seven years. 

He shared: “These are not meant to last forever”. 

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Jacob, known as @jacobjink on TikTok, then explained that while people may not regret a tattoo they’ve got, they may end up wishing they got it in a different area of their body. 

His logic was that if you place something in the middle of an area, you might find that the same spot would have been more ideal for another tattoo idea down the line. 

“I’ve seen a lot of people regret having such a little tattoo in such a great place for a custom piece,” he said. 

Jacob went on to post a photo of someone’s arm with four names crossed out on it and a fifth intact underneath. 

Commenting on this, he said: “Getting your partner’s name tattooed on you is bold to say the least. A lot of people do this out of impulse and later on down the line, this kind of thing can happen.”

“I’ve had to cover up a lot of these,” he added. 

People were quick to comment as one person said: “THE PLACEMENT IS SO IMPORTANT”.

A second agreed: “I feel the placement one, I love my tattoos but my first one at like 19 took up a space in the middle of my bicep so no full sleeve for me”. 

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Another shared: “I tell people that my exes name is my birthstone,” [sic] to which Jacob replied: “You got lucky my guy!” 

While a fourth added: “Thank you! This is super helpful!!” 

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