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A FOOD fan has revealed that she has a brilliant slow cooker recipe for lazy mums – so if you are stretched for time but want to dish up a meal that your little one will enjoy, you’ll want to listen up and take notes.

With many of us leading extremely hectic lives, slow cookers can often come in handy for producing simple but delicious dinners, that you can leave on all day to cook and not have to worry about.  

Tayla, who posts on TikTok under the username @taylacespedes is a slow cooker fan and recently took to the video sharing platform to show off her cheap, tasty meal. 

The self-proclaimed “lazy mum” said: “This slow cooker cheesy chicken, creamy pasta dish is absolutely delicious and it's a winner in our house

“All you're gonna do is whack everything in the slow cooker.”

Tayla added two chicken breasts, one chopped onion, garlic, 400ml of cream, 400ml of passata, and salt and pepper to her slow cooker.

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She continued: “I'm only using half the cream [200ml] here.

“And also, look, don't come at me – this is a lazy mum meal and I will actually claim it as a lazy mum meal because I am a self-proclaimed lazy mum.

“So you're gonna put it on high for four hours, set and forget, come back and it's gonna be absolutely delicious.”

Once cooked, Tayla went back to her slow cooker and explained: “Give it a shred – this chicken on its own is absolutely freaking divine, but you know, we've got to make it family friendly, so we're gonna add 500mls of vegetable stock, you could use chicken stock, whatever you wanna do, and then a whole packet of pasta.

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“And then pretty much all that's left to do is to cook off the pasta.

“We will give it a bit of a mix and leave it to cook a little bit.

“It's obviously gonna take a little longer than what the stovetop would cook because it's a slow cooker.

“When the pasta is nearly done, you're gonna add a cup of cheese, whatever cheese you want.

“Measure with your heart, it doesn't have to be a cup, and then we're also gonna add some more cream as well, because, you know, why not add all the cream?

“Give that a mix and then you're just gonna cook it until the pasta is completely cooked and there you go.

“Bob's your uncle, Millie’s your aunt.

“Absolutely delicious, let me know if you try it.” 

Tayla’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 20.9k views. 

It has 728 likes, 23 comments and 70 shares.

Social media users were grateful to Tayla for the quick and easy recipe, which many took to the comments to express. 

One person said: “Yummm, this looks unreal!!”

Another added: “Definitely going to try this!” 

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A third commented: “Omg this might just be a new fave in my house. It’s so damn late but I just sat here and devoured a bowl! So delicious.”

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