I’m an air fryer whizz – my sticky sesame chicken bites are SUPER tasty & will save you loads of washing up | The Sun

AN AIR fryer whizz has shared his simple sticky sesame chicken recipe that's perfect for a quick mid-week dinner.

Nathan Antony, an air fryer chef shared the recipe on social media and it didn't disappoint.

The sticky glazed chicken bites wouldn't be out of place at a restaurant – but now, you can make them at home.

Nathan explained: "This air fryer crispy sesame chicken is gonna change your life when it comes to fakeaways.

"Even the sauce goes into the air fryer basket, it's that simple."

To begin, he took 300g of chicken and cut it into bite sized pieces, he then coated it in flour, egg and panko breadcrumbs.



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He then sprayed the bites with oil and cooked in the air fryer at 200degrees for 14 minutes.

While the chicken cooked, he moved on to the sticky sauce recipe.

He used a tbsp of ginger and garlic each, one tsp sesame oil, two tbsp soy sauce, three tbsp honey, two tbsp sweet chilli sauce, one tsp rice wine, 1/2 a tsp Five Spice and three tbsp sriracha.

He then mixed the sauce together and drizzled over the chicken bites and cooked for a further two minutes to get the sauce extra sticky.

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To finish, Nathan topped the chicken with chilli, sesame seeds and spring onion and served with rice.

The clip posted to the TikTok account @boredoflunch has since gone viral with over one million views and 50k likes.

People were tempted to make the dish and those that had said it was seriously good.

One person wrote: "We gotta try this."

Another commented: "Making this tonight looking forward to it."

"We should try make this," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Cooked this recipe two days in a row it's so good."

Someone else added: "Making this tonight looking forward to it."

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