I’m short and fat but my confidence is through the roof – I know I’m still ‘beautiful’ | The Sun

A WOMAN has proved that a little bit of self-confidence can get you an awful long way.

Self-doubt does not even enter her vocabulary.

But self-love does, and she oozes it.

Samantha's (@sammiesam) TikTok is devoted to affirmations of her worth.

This woman, however, is not some statuesque, leggy, size-zero Amazon.

Instead, Samantha was refreshingly honest about physical attributes.

“Short fat girl but the confidence to the roof," she said in her post.

This lady will not for a moment entertain body shamers.

She is as comfortable in her own skin as it is possible to be.

In various posts, she posed in different outfits, carrying them off with aplomb and sass.

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In one video she wore a black off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, with a pair of cool sunglasses

In another, she wore a cute royal blue short dress with sandals, topped off with a denim jacket, her braided hair piled up on top.

“I feel beautiful," she asserted.

Comments were impressed with her attitude.

“Beautiful," said one.

While another concluded her post with another compliment: “Super cute," she said.

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