I'm slammed for wearing lingerie to work – people say it’s only for the bedroom & I should be ashamed, but it’s fashion | The Sun

A WOMAN who wears lingerie to work on a daily basis has admitted she's always slammed by people who say she should be "ashamed".

Sophia regularly updates her TikTok page with videos of her daily fits, which often include some kind of bra or corset on the top half.

Given that she works at Victoria's Secret, you might think people would be more accepting of the daring ensembles.

But Sophia shared a video of some of the things she's told about her about her work clothes.

"I can’t believe you go out like that," is one common insult she hears, as well as "Sorry but that is for the bedroom only".

Others say to her, "You should be ashamed" while some also comment, "Imagine wearing lingerie outside!"

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She then hit back by showcasing one of her work outfits – a pair of black trousers teamed with a black and pink corset top and a pink silky kimono-type coverup over the top.

"Lingerie fashion sweetie," she captioned her video.

People were quick to comment on the clip, with one writing: "you look good, ignore the haters."

"I just got this corset yesterday and I’m obsessed!!!" another added.

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"Definitely planning some fire fits instead of just keeping it in my closet."

"You look beautiful screw all those hater cuz they cant be beautiful like you," a third commented.

But not everyone agreed, with one writing: "How can we teach our children about decency and modesty when they see this?

"You look ok, but this isn't the place to show off your underwear."

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