Kate subtle fashion changes since becoming Princess spotted

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Since stepping into the role of Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton has been dressing slightly differently; gone after the beautifully elegant day dresses, and hello polished tailoring. A fashion expert has discussed the subtle style change the royal has undergone and what it means.

When Queen Elizabeth II was alive, Kate’s outfits were more subdued, but since the monarch died, the Princess has stepped out in several bold colours.

Bethan Holy, fashion director at the Daily Telegraph suggested this is Kate’s “power moment” as she “eases into the Princess of Wales role… in such a beautiful way”. The style expert also said Kate is now “dressing” for her job.

Royal fans have seen Kate wear suits and smart jackets many times before, but rarely to an evening event.

Earlier this year, the Prince and Princess of Wales stepped out for the pre-launch event for her Shaping Us initiative, and Kate wore a scarlet red Alexander McQueen suit.

And what Bethan “really loved” about Kate’s red suit is that she wore it “to an evening event”, which the expert said she has never done.

Bethan added: “I loved seeing that kind of spicy experimentation.”

The colour of the suit was also worth noting, as “red is the colour of passion” and the launch of Kate’s initiative has been described as her passion project.

Kate was confident enough to wear red on this occasion because “William was happy for her to take centre stage and share the limelight with her, rather than the other way around,” Bethan suggested.

Despite the suit being bold in colour, with a modern cut to the jacket, Beth said it had “a serious slant”.

She noted the “very sleek silhouette” the suit offered Kate and said it “marks a new era in her royal life”.

Emily suggested Kate’s new fashion choices are representing a bigger message; she isn’t able to openly admit her “life is now completely different” with her and Prince William “one step closer to the biggest job of their lives”, but she is “saying all that through her fashion choices”.

“Kate has this platform, and she is out there on her own, nailing it,” Emily told People.

Kate’s clothes are not the only fashion change to be recently noted, the Princess has become more experimental with her jewellery too.

royal style

Emily Foskett, founder and creative director of Emily Mortimer jewellery said Kate has “maintained that classic look” but has recently been “more daring” by choosing hoops and larger earrings.

The jewellery expert said these earring choices give off a “powerful and strong” statement.

When Kate recently visited Cornwall with Prince William, she accessorised her outfit with a pair of diamond pear drop earrings from Emily’s Hera range.

The jeweller explained how the collection “is named after the Queen of the Gods” and represents “empowerment and strong women”.

Kate has always been a royal who re-wears clothes, instead of stepping out in brand new items every time.

More recently, she has been recycling items from her wardrobe that are five years, 10 years or even older.

One way the Princess likes to modernise an old item is by changing the accessories or wearing it to a different occasion; eg a coat dress she wore to a formal event, wearing it during the day over a blouse and trousers, that way she completely refreshes an outfit.

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