Moisturiser slashed to £1.70 on Amazon ‘makes skin glow’ and ‘lightens age spots

Keeping skin well looked after is key, especially with colder, drier air on its way this winter.

Amazon has slashed a highly-rated Garnier moisturiser to just £1.70, plus it contains brightening vitamin c and ingredients to tackle signs of ageing and plump fine lines and wrinkles.

Amazon’s beauty department is a convenient place to get hundreds of affordable and high end skincare and makeup brands.

To keep skincare spending to a minimum, Amazon regularly cuts the prices on already low-priced products.

Those looking for a new moisturiser will be glad to hear that it’s not necessary to spend more than a couple of pounds for a highly rated product.

The Garnier SkinActive Vitamin C Face Moisturiser has been slashed from £7.50 to just £1.70, but it’s hard to say how long the discount will last.

Buy: Garnier SkinActive Vitamin C Face Moisturiser (£1.70)

The moisturiser contains vitamin C, which helps brighten, boost and promote radiance in the skin.

It also aims to target signs of ageing, by helping to reduce and re-plump fine lines, leaving a youthful complexion.

Although the cream doesn’t contain SPF, at the cheap price it could easily be combined with other products, such as the Garnier Vitamin C Serum from the same range.

Some reviews do mention that they found the scent to be too strong, so if you prefer unscented products or have skin that can irritated by scent, this could be worth keeping in mind.

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Shoppers are leaving their feedback on the cream, which has racked up almost 2000 reviews.

Sue S said: ” A lovely cream that smells lovely, feels good and makes your skin glow.”

Tina Koumarianos commented: ”I absolutely love everything about this day cream. It has lightened age spots and leaves a wonderful non-greasy texture to my skin. I have ordered more. 5☆”

Gillian also added: ”The product was very nice when I put it on my face but the smell was strong which may cause issues on the skin.”

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