My house has a bookcase that's a secret door – people say they're 'scared' when they see the space hidden behind it | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has revealed something hiding behind a secret door in his house.

Not everyone was excited about the space behind it, with the tour giving some viewers the creeps.

Chad Sanchez (@sancho483) filmed himself demonstrating the secret door in a video on TikTok.

First, he walked toward what appeared to be a bookshelf built into the wall.

"Can your wall do this?" he asked.

He grabbed one of the pillars of the bookshelf, opening it to reveal a dimly-lit stairway.

Chad took viewers down the stairs, which led to an open space under renovation.

"Pardon the dust, it's under construction still," he said.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts on the home in the comment section.

"Didn't Tales from the Crypt start like this?" one asked.

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"I watch too many movies to know that’s most likely where a serial killer is hiding," another added.

"Ah yes, the murder basement," a third commented.

"I saw the flickering light and my mind immediately went to demonic circle to summon Satan," yet another said.

One viewer on the other hand said the space was a longtime dream to have in their own home.

"So I’ve wanted this since childhood," the viewer wrote. "How much is all of this to install?"

"It totally depends on your carpenter and how much time, detail and custom work has to go into it," Chad replied.

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