Mrs Hinch fans share the surefire way to know whether or not your washing will dry outside – any time of the year | The Sun

HAVE you ever looked outside and wondered whether or not your washing will dry on the line?

Well, according to fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch, you need to be looking at the pavement to determine that.

Tracey took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook to ask: "Has anyone had any joy with drying your washing outside this time of year?

"I don't want to hang it out if it's got to be out for days lol."

"A little tip my grandmother gave me and has worked for me for many years," one person replied.

"Before hanging your washing outdoors, check the concrete/paving slabs/patio.

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"If the ground is damp or wet, your washing won’t dry.

"If the ground is dry, your washing will dry."

And others shared the same advice, with one writing: "If the ground looks damp it won't dry outside at all."

"You're right," another agreed.

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"When the ground dries up you know your washing has a good chance of drying."

But others weren't as convinced that the saying worked for them.

"Nothing I've ever hung out during colder months has ever dried, even with the ground dry," one wrote.

"Some people swear it does, wish it worked for me."

"The saying goes that if the air dries the ground it should dry your washing but it’s simply not true in my experience!!" another added.

And some insisted they hang their washing out as long as it's not raining.

"I always hang mine out if it’s dry," one wrote.

"Bring it back in before it starts getting dark and hang each item over 2 rungs on an airer.

"It’s usually dry in the morning or for heavier items the evening."

"I put mine out every time I wash, unless it's raining," another added.

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"We are also a semi property, semi upstairs with an alley/close ground floor, and we have a washing line in the alley.

"The wind blows through and dries the washing so quickly."

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