Mum in hysterics over Monsoon top's VERY rude design flaw while shopping for daughter

WHEN it comes to clothes shopping for our kids, we're always too fixated on the price to pay much attention to the design… and it turns out, we're not alone.

Earlier this month, a mum innocently ordered a £19 sparkly top from Monsoon for her daughter.

But when it arrived, the mum realised the cute ballet slippers on the front of the top could easily be mistaken for something VERY rude.

The white long sleeved top is embellished with three gold sparkly shoes along with a pink bow and pretty flowers – and even has a matching £26 skirt.

Taking to Mumsnet, the stunned parent wrote: "Am I being unreasonable to feel like Monsoon should have double checked this design before selling it??"

Needless to say, other members found the whole thing hilarious – and some couldn't even tell they were supposed to be shoes at all.

"I just saw d***s," one wrote. "I had to read the description to work out what it was meant to be."

Another added: "Oh dear! Perhaps it was the designer's last day at work."

"Such pretty phalluses," a third joked. "I particularly like the large one in the middle with the b******s bow."

Meanwhile, another suggested: "A classier alternative to the classic eggplant emoji jumper…"

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