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A WOMAN has revealed that her baby daddy thought he wouldn’t have to deal with her when he remarried, but things changed when she got glammed up for the wedding. 

Krystiana Tiana explained that she attended her ex-partner’s wedding in her best dress and much to many people’s surprise, she is now in a healthy, blended family, with him and his new wife, Bailey Marie. 

In a Facebook clip, Krystiana recorded her look for her baby daddy’s wedding.

She said: “Get ready with me for my baby daddy’s wedding.” 

At the start of the clip, we saw Krystiana laying in bed, as she posed barefaced.

Seconds later, we saw Krystiana ready for the big day.

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Her dark hair was perfectly curled and her make-up looked flawless, finished with a stunning pair of thick false eyelashes. 

She wore a one-shoulder glamorous green sparkly dress.

She then took to Instagram, where she has amassed an impressive 716k followers, to give an insight into her ex’s wedding day.

She shared a clip with the caption ‘Here to stay’ and in the video, we saw Krystiana pose with her ex and his new wife, Bailey, on their big day.

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Krystiana noted: “When my baby daddy thought he wouldn’t have to deal with me once he married someone else.” 

She posted the short clip alongside the Kelly Clarkson track, Behind These Hazel Eyes, as the lyrics sang: “Here I am, once again.” 

Her clip has clearly shocked many, as it quickly went viral and has since amassed 5.6million views, 88.2k likes and 377 comments.

Commenting on the clip, Bailey noted: “Did we just become best friends…. Yep!”

Many social media users were impressed with the blended family and were eager to reflect this in the comments. 

One person said: “Your relationship with his wife is honestly GOALS, how you guys overcame your differences to support each other for your kids sake is beautiful.”

Another added: “How lucky your daughter is to be raised in such a loving and mature environment. A blended family basically. A whole support system!”

A third simply commented: “This is the cutest.”

Krystiana then shared another clip, this time with her daughter, her new partner, her baby daddy and his new wife.

Opening up about the blended family, Krystiana explained: “Welcome to the family, officially @renovationbeautywith_bailey. Now you’re stuck with us.”

As well as this, in a TikTok clip, the mother opened up about the unique co-parenting situation.

Sharing video footage of her baby daddy’s new wife and her, she explained: “This is co-parenting.

“Our family isn’t broken.

“It just grew in size.

“We have learned to put the kids first.

“To provide the healthiest environment possible.

“By doing this, we became friends.

“And became a family again.

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