My boobs hang low now I’m a twin mom – sometimes I get stressed, then I remember no-one should be looking | The Sun

A MOM of twins has been despairing of her low-hanging boobs.

She feels they haven't perked up since she gave birth to her mini brood.

But commenters did not agree, and pointed out she had no problem in that department.

One of them was compelled to write reassuring words.

“Respectfully, they don’t even hang low. They’re beautiful.”

This lady admitted she got stressed at times but then she remembered that no one should even be looking.

Salomé Andrea (@salomeandreaa) has 1 million followers, where she shares episodes from family life.

But, as anyone will admit, life isn't always perfect.

“Me to me when I think they hang too low," she captioned her post.

This lady gets some light relief from a popular Aussie mockumentary, Summer Heights High.

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"If you're not a Summer Heights High fan, we can't be friends," she insisted.

She used audio from the show to illustrate her current dilemma, lip-synching the words for good effect.

Wearing a bright yellow, ribbed tank top, she brushed her freshly-washed hair.

“First of all, why the f**k are you looking at my tits anyway," she said.

Then added: “More proof that you’re a lesbian."

She had even more to say:“And secondly, shut the f**k up or I’ll give you Friday detention."

Commenters loved the Summer Heights High reference.

“Dude, Summer Heights High as an Australian was our human right to watch it.”

But others rushed to reassure her there was nothing wrong with her boobs.

“Respectfully, they look so good and sit no nice," said one person.

Another said: “They’re perfect though.”

But this viewer couldn't get away from her resemblance to a famous actress: “Respectfully, you are Megan Fox to me.”

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