My 'natural Botox' is full of vitamins – I use produce I'd otherwise throw out, it's refreshing and smells good too | The Sun

AGE-DEFYING beauty straight from the veg box is where it's all at according to one content producer.

She has discovered the benefits of her "natural Botox" which is packed with vitamins.

In the past, this humble produce has often ended up in her trash can, but not anymore.

These days this salad bowl regular is now an essential tool in Kendall Rae K's (@kendallraekan) beauty regime.

She also said it was refreshing and smelled good too.

“Natural Botox cucumber," she said in her post while working a frozen cucumber over her fresh complexion.

“So nine out of ten times that I buy cucumbers I forget that I have them and I end up throwing them away," Kendall admitted.

But, coming across a video that explained the wonders of this green vegetable, had been a revelation for her.

“It said cucumbers were really good for your skin and for inflammation and full of vitamins," she said.

But the next statement really got her attention: "And it’s actually a natural Botox."

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She was converted: “So from now on, instead of throwing away the cucumbers that I forget about in the fridge, I’m going to freeze them."

There was some preparation, however: “Earlier, I peeled and cut them in halves and froze them."

Kendall then used the frozen item similar to another beauty aid, an ice roller.

"My skin was so soft and it smells so good and refreshing.

“So natural Botox cucumber, full of vitamins, and helps with inflammation," she wrote.

When she was done, the unused cucumber went back to the chilled department.

“I’m just going to cut off the end and put it back in the freezer for tomorrow.

“I will not be wasting any more cucumber I can promise you that," she said fresh-faced, happy with her natural beauty product.

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