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A HOME expert decided to test out the viral window condensation hack to see if it did the job, before giving her full review. 

And the writer from Ideal Home was pleased to report that it worked a treat, transforming her window panes from full of condensation to completely clear almost instantly.

The method involves taking some washing-up liquid – which can be bought from as little as 99p – and applying it to a cloth.

Once this is done, simply wipe it across your windows to remove the build-up – and watch to see how it doesn’t come back.

After spotting it doing the rounds on social media, she explained: “Sounds a little too good to be true when you first hear that all you need to do is put a little bit of washing up liquid on a cloth and wipe the condensation off. 

“And low and behold, the layer of dish soap should prevent the condensation from reappearing again. 

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“But do you know what? It actually worked.”

And for any doubters, she said she cleaned half the window with the hack – which she first spotted on Danni W’s Instagram account (@daniellehomelife) – and the other without to see the difference. 

She explained: “I only wiped half of the affected area with the soapy cloth, leaving the other half untreated to see if it would make any difference with stopping my window condensation. 

“And, sure enough, it has! The treated area showed no sign of condensation the next day, while the untreated was stricken with it.”

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But what do other experts think of the hack – and is it the game changer it claims to be? 

The Ideals Home pro decided to speak with a cleaning expert called Valeria Velikova from Fantastic Services to find out more.

At first, she seemed to give it her seal of approval, agreeing that it really does work. 

She told her: “This will create a barrier that will prevent ‌condensation. It won’t create any streaks since the amount of soap is small. 

“Another tip is to mix water and a few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle.”

However, that wasn’t to say that the trick is completely faultless – and she then warned how this is only a short-term fix.

In fact, she said that doing this long-term could be damaging for your windows, and even result in making it worse over time. 

Valeria concluded: “Window fitters and manufacturers do not recommend using washing up liquid on windows because it can damage the rubber seals around your windows. 

“Failed double glazing can then cause moisture to develop in between your window pains causing the glass to fog up and mould to develop. 

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“Using washing up liquid to prevent condensation can make the situation a whole lot worse.”

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