22 of the best copycat Lidl and Aldi products – but can you spot the difference?

ALDI and Lidl are famous for some of their dupes, with fans claiming the cheap versions are as good or better than the real deal.

But Aldi has run into trouble this week, as M&S is suing it for it's knock-off Colin the Caterpillar cake – called Cuthbert.

The posher supermarket is says the similarity of Aldi's Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake leads customers to believe they're of the same standard.

It's not yet clear whether M&S will win its lawsuit, but it does raise questions about some of Aldi and Lidl's other products.

Here we round up some of the most similar looking or taste-a-like dupes – but can you tell the difference?

Cheese Puffs vs Wotsits

  • A 150g bag of cheese puffs costs 49p at Aldi
  • But a 130g back of Wotsits Giants costs £1.99 at Asda

Frosted Flakes vs Frosties

  • Frosted Flakes cost 83p for a 500g pack at Lidl.
  • Kellogg's Frosties are currently discounted to £2.50 for a 500g pack at Asda.

Jaffa Cakes vs Jaffa Cakes

  • You'll pay 75p for 24 Belmont Jaffa Cakes at Aldi
  • Meanwhile, 20 McVities Jaffa Cakes cost 99p at Asda
  • Asda also has its own supermarket brand Jaffa Cakes which cost 90p for 24.

Valley Spire vs Cathedral City cheddar

  • Valley Spire cheese costs £1.79 for a 400g block at Lidl.
  • But Cathedral City costs £2.39 for a 300g block at Asda.

Jammy Wheels vs. Jammy Dodgers

  • A 140g pack of Jammy Wheels costs 42p at Aldi
  • A pack of Jammy Dodgers the same size costs 50p at Asda

Nutoka vs Nutella

  • A 400g jar of Nutoka is just 99p at Aldi
  • At Asda, Nutella jars are slightly smaller at 350g but cost £2

Neo vs Oreos

  • Lidl's own brand Neo biscuits cost 65p for 180g
  • But a 154g pack of Oreos costs £1 at Tesco

Formil vs Persil

  • Formil costs £2.99 for 20 tablets at Lidl
  • But 15 Persil bio capsules come in at £5.99, double the price, at Asda

Pop Outs vs PopChips

  • Aldi's take on the BBQ-flavoured snack costs 85p for 100g.
  • But a smaller 85g pack of the original PopChips costs a whopping £1.78 at Tesco, more than twice the price.

Snaktastic vs Pringles

  • Lidl charges 84p for its own-brand 175 "stacking potato snacks", which come in Sour Cream and Onion, Salt and Vinegar or Original.
  • Pringles are slightly bigger tubes, but carry a heftier price tag of £1.50 per tube at Asda

  • A pack of six Titan bars costs 55p at Aldi
  • The discounter also sells Mars Bars but they cost 94p for a pack that contains just three

Monster Munch vs Monster Claws

  • A ten-pack of Monster Claws containing Roast Beef, Pickled Onion and Flamin' Hot flavours – costs 85p at Aldi.
  • A variety pack of Walkers Monster Munch comes with two extra bags of crisps, but costs a whopping £2.95, more than three times the price.

Seal bars vs Penguins

  • Eight seal bars cost 75p at Aldi.
  • You can also get 8-packs of Penguins, but they'll cost you £1 at Asda.

White buttons vs. Milkybar buttoms

  • Aldi's giant buttons cost 65p for an 120g bag
  • Meanwhile giant Milkybar buttons cost 99p at Asda and you only get a 94g bag.

Essence vs Dolce and Gabbana

  • The perfume dupe is just £4.99 from Lidl
  • Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue costs £55 from The Fragrance Shop

Mini Whirlz vs Twister

  • You'll pay £1.49 for a pack of mini Whirlz at Aldi
  • An eight-pack of mini Twisters are slightly more costly at £1.90 in Asda

So Malty vs Soreen

  • The So Malty Malt Loaf is 59p for 220g in Aldi
  • Soreen is smaller at 190g and costs 89p in Asda

Mini Cheese Bakes vs Mini Cheddars

  • Aldi's mini cheese bakes are 73p for a pack of seven
  • Mini cheddars cost £1.70 for a pack of six at Asda

Grove Manor vs Echo Falls

  • Grove Manor mixed berries is incredibly cheap at just £2.29 a bottle at Aldi
  • Meanwhile Echo Falls costs £3.75 in Tesco

Lidl's brow range vs Benefit

  • A Lidl eyebrow gel and powder kit costs just £1.99
  • A Benefit Brow Zings shaping kit, which comes with a gel and setting powder, will set you back £27.

 Lacura vs Sisley

  • Aldi's dupe costs just £6.99 and contains rose extract
  • The Sisley face cream, also containing black rose extract, will set you back a whopping £146.50

Colin vs Cuthbert

  • Aldi launched its caterpillar cake in 2019 for £4.99, although you can't currently get it due to the lawsuit
  • M&S charges a pricier £7 for the original Colin

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