Common dating app mistake could STOP you finding love – especially if you're a bloke | The Sun

EDITING your looks on Tinder or Hinge could hamper your chances of finding love, a study suggests.

Men who filtered their photos on dating apps were seen as less trustworthy by women, German psychologists found.

However, they were rated as more attractive by the 241 women in their 20s, they said.

Professor Markus Appel, of the University of Wurzburg, said: “Mobile dating has blown up in recent years and it heavily relies on pictures. 

“This can be a lot of pressure for some users, and may lead to the use of various editing and filter apps to enhance looks.

“Applying filters to online dating profile photos decreased perceptions of men’s trustworthiness.”

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Just under 9million Brits are thought to use dating apps regularly, with experts estimating numbers will be closer to 11.7million by 2027.

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the country and around a fifth of all relationships now start online.

The study, published in the Elsevier journal Computers in Human Behaviour, looked at how people’s photo-editing impacted how they were viewed by potential partners.

The women were shown pictures of men that had been edited or left in their original form and asked whether they would “match” by swiping right.

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They were also asked how attractive or trustworthy the men appeared in their pictures.

Men with edited pictures were seen as significantly less trustworthy than those without edited pictures, results showed.

However, those with edited pictures were also seen as more attractive.

The women said they would be less likely to date someone who they deem untrustworthy.

Professor Appel said: “Women perceived men with filtered profile photos as more physically attractive, but as less trustworthy than men with unfiltered images.

“Applying beauty filters to online dating pictures slightly decreased men's perceived trustworthiness — and in turn decreased women's interest in dating them.”

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