Expert shares £3 Amazon hack to keep mould at bay and make your house warmer
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  • Mould can be a real problem for many households at this time of the year when the temperature drops but it doesn't have to cost a forturne to get rid of it.

    Cleaning expert Nancy Emery, from Tap Warehouse, has shared some useful tips to help Brits save money on energy bills and one costs costs as little as £3.

    As mould thrives in cold, damp and humid environments, it's easy to spot them in the bathroom and in particular, around the shower and bath edges, on the walls, and windows.

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    Nancy stressed that if the situation is left untreated, mould can cause serious health problems including breathing issues, allergies and flu-like symptoms.

    But worry not, there's a simple hack that anyone can try it at home — a £3.25 window insulation film from Amazon.

    She explained: "Window insulation film is a thin plastic film that is applied directly to any window to effectively reduce heat loss providing better insulation.

    "The film can either be directly applied to a window using a hairdryer to shrink the film around the glass or can be attached to the window ledge to create a still air layer around half an inch thick using pressure sensitive tape.

    "It can also help limit or prevent condensation, further reducing the risk of mould and mildew build-up.

    "Doing this simple fix will not only help to keep your house warm, it will stop heat escaping through tiny draughts and that means less wasted energy and money on bills. Be sure to check the size of the film is correct for your window."

    The window insulation film is a transparent vinyl film that can be attached to the window and one customer said: "There was plenty of double sided tape to go around the edge of the window with some left over."

    But another was left disappointed as he pointed out that there are "streaks on the film"..

    Other than this, Nancy said it's also good to "replace silicone sealant on the window edges" and a tube of sealant like this 151 silicon sealant costs about £4.

    She also suggested to install a ventilator to get rid of condesation as well as bad smells.

    "A lot of people will often ventilate their bathroom by opening windows. Whilst this is a quick and efficient method of doing so, heat can be lost incredibly quickly and can often be both difficult and slow to reheat during the winter months," Nancy added.

    "Installing an extractor fan in your bathroom can prevent the need for opening a window and help retain heat as well as assisting in removing any bad smells from your bathroom."

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