Sue Radford gives update after weeks of illness

Sue Radford gives first look at the family’s lavish Christmas decorations after weeks of illness and admits: ‘I’ve never felt so poorly’

  • The reality star has given fans a sneak peek of her Christmas decorations 
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Sue Radford has shared a sneak peek at her family’s elaborate Christmas decorations this year after decking the halls, despite a bout of illness. 

The mother-of-22, from Morecambe, Lancashire, took to her Instagram stories to debut a glimpse of the lavish look, which included parts of the dining and living room areas.

Despite explaining that she’s ‘cracked a rib’ following a bout of ‘painful’ coughing, the mum, 48, seemed determined to kick off the festive spirit in style, even though she admitted she’s ‘never felt so poorly’.

In the snaps, fans were treated to views of intricately decorated Christmas trees, as well as a shelf jam-packed with numerous stockings. 

And despite the abundant decor, the reality star insisted she’d have more up her sleeve if she hadn’t been feeling under the weather.

Sue Radford took to her Instagram stories to reveal her family’s elaborate Christmas decorations, including a tree in the dining room, despite currently feeling ‘poorly’

The vlogger mum admitteds she’s been battling a bad cough for weeks and said she feels like she’s ‘cracked a rib’ 

Taking to her page, she wrote:  ‘Accurate representation of how my Monday morning went.

‘Also pretty sure I’ve managed to crack a rib from all the coughing I’ve done over the last three weeks, so that’s pretty painful.

And although the illness initially threatened to foil her festive plans, the mum was grateful it was finally beginning to subside. 

‘Thankfully though my cough is getting much better’ she continued. ‘It’s been a draining three weeks, I’ve never felt so poorly’.

Even then, the influencer planned to take things slowly while she recovered.

She added: ‘I’m usually so on it with putting my Christmas decorations up but with feeling so poorly we’ve only put the dining room tree up.

‘We plan on putting the rest of the decorations up today which the kids are very excited about’. 

A few hours later Sue revealed another set of decorations, before exclaiming: ‘Christmas has landed’.

In the snaps, fans were treated to views of intricately decorated Christmas trees, as well as a shelf jam-packed with numerous stockings

The vlogger accesorised each of the two Christmas trees according to the room’s colour theme.

Starting in the dining room, the medium-sized tree displayed nude and pastel tones, which were brought alive by gold electric lights.

The theme worked in tandem with the neatly arranged dining area, which boasted a brown and nude colourscheme.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Sue cranked things up a notch with the placement of a much larger tree, beset with various trinkets.

From candy canes, to checkered bows and huge baubles, the tree made for quite a sight, however it paled in comparison to the mantelpiece.

To the left of the tree lay an overcrowded shelf bursting with tinsel, lights and uncountable stockings.

Perhaps the mum put up 22 stockings, one for each member of the famous family.

Also joining in the festive fun this year is Sue’s rarely seen mother, who joined her family for a festive shopping trip last week.

The content creator posted a video of the family excursion on their YouTube channel – which boasts 365,000 subscribers.

In the 25-minute vlog, the mother headed out for lunch with her mother, daughters and grandchild when they got distracted by some toys on display in a shop near their home in Morecambe, Lancashire.

Also joining in the festive fun this year is Sue’s rarely seen mother, who joined her family for a festive shopping trip last week 

In a YouTube video, Sue challenged her mother to guess how much this reindeer toy wearing a faux fur jacket cost

After pausing at the soft toy display, Sue picked up a reindeer wearing a faux-fur jacket and asked her mother, who only appears a handful of times, to guess how much it was.

Sue’s mother – who was stylish in a yellow coat and printed scarf – joked: ‘I think about £200!’

Admiring the display in the store, Sue’s mother – whose first name was not been shared by the family – said: ‘I think it would look nice against that Christmas tree too.’

Turning back to camera, Sue said: ‘It’s £55.’

Before sitting down for lunch, Sue and her teenage daughter Aimee were stunned to learn that a small gingerbread Christmas tree decoration cost an eyewatering £12.

Sue said: ‘[I was expecting it to be] £4 or £5.’

Elsewhere in the video, Sue’s mother admires an owl soft toy – which also captures the interest of her Heidie and her great-granddaughter Ophelia.

While sitting down to eat, Sue filmed her mother enjoying her chilli and coriander soup.

For the relaxed day out with her granddaughters, Sue’s mother opted for a light grey jumper and statement silver necklace – which perfectly matched her metallic nail polish.

The video ends with Sue and her younger children who still live at home decorating their first Christmas tree of the year.

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