Got plans for today? TikTok time traveller claims we will be invaded

Out of this world: TikTok ‘time traveller’ claims the earth will be invaded by aliens with 8,000 abducted

  • TikTok time travellers make prediction that aliens will land today 
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It’s one of TikTok’s growing trends – people claiming they are from the future and making predictions about what is to come.

Often they are bleak, including premonitions about the start of wars and meteorites landing. 

Now, the latest prediction is that an alien attack is imminent – and invaders will arrive today. 

The TikToker making the prediction – Eno Alaric, who uses the name @theradiantimetraveller – claims to be from the year 2671. 

The account has more than 350,000 followers, and this particular clip has amassed thousands of views. 

Aliens landing: A stock image of a beam of light from an alien space craft. TikTok user Eno Alaric believes aliens will land today 

Originally posted back in October,  it reads: ‘Yes, I am a real time traveler, the world will soon end.’

It continues: ‘A very hostile alien species is coming to take back Earth, we will not win.

‘Another alien, whose world was destroyed by the hostiles, will save some of us. 

‘On March 23, 2023, about 8,000 people will be taken to another habitable planet.’

Clarifying the prophesy, it then states that that the earth does not end on March 23.

It is simply when ‘The Champion’ species brings people to the other planet.

The video was met with hundreds of comments. 

One wrote: ‘This Thursday? I’m getting my handbrake fixed will the invasion be after I’ve paid or before.’

‘Prove it. tell me what the lotto numbers are in the PowerBar this week,’ another added.

A third wrote: ‘I’m a time traveler too and I’ve come to tell you that on the 1st of January is new year…’ 

Eno then made another video, which stated that a hostile alien species called The Distants are planning to take back earth.

He claimed that the Champion will take some people to another habitable planet. 

He claimed ‘The Champion will choose the best of the best to ensure the survival of the human species.’  

The creator has previously made videos about twin planets with Earth, portals opening up to other dimensions, and alien visitors.

And they say another global pandemic is on the way – just as the polar icecaps melt away due to global warming.

Eno has even offered a year-by-year breakdown of the future.

The Champion is Coming… #fyp #radianttime #foryou #timetravel #viral #timetraveler #xyzbca #entertainment

In 2025, they say the first colonies will arrive on Mars – finding human bones which prove humans first came from the red planet.

And in 2026, the largest solar flare in history will hit Earth. This will cause a global black-out and no electricity for six weeks.

And in 2027 a worm hole will open up by Mars. 

But some viewers are skeptical, saying Eno’s previous ‘predictions’ didn’t back up.

One said: ‘What about the 10 people getting superpowers? That did not happen.’

Another wrote: ‘What about that big meteor that was supposed to hit the Earth this month?’ 

A third noted: ‘If it’s gonna end soon, then how were you alive in 2671?’

Eno is not the only person to post predictions on TikTok.

Last year, Eve, known as @adminandeve on TikTok, from New York, posted about how to spot warning signs over being laid off from work. 

In the video, which racked up over 112,000 views, she shared with her 112,000 followers how to spot the signs, prompting many viewers to share their own advice in the comments section.

She began by pointing out a change in executives behaviours could mean a round of layoff were near.

‘Executive and senior leadership, even your managers, will start acting a little bit funny.’

‘Maybe they’ll stop engaging with the team in ways that they usually would or maybe they’ll start focusing on random things…like, they’ll ask specific questions about budgets,’ Eve said.

The New Yorker added that when senior leadership begins asking about budget, then you know there are budget issues.

She added that there would also likely be a hiring freeze. 

And she added employees who are about to get laid off may also start to receive feedback they aren’t accustomed to about their job performance.

‘This might be to build a case to put you on the chopping block. Cause they can’t cite performance issues if there’s not one,’ Eve concluded.

Eve appeared to be spot on about the upcoming round of layoffs as she shared a follow up video revealing she was laid off via email.

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