Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Monday, July 24


Ideally you could do with more fun and variety to light up your days. Getting involved in group activities can be stimulating. Choose pastimes that are good for your mind as well as your body. An invitation to a party or to visit a relative overseas will take you to places you don’t often visit.


You expected to find that sticking with the same routines would give you a sense of security but not so today. Tasks you used to enjoy no longer give you any pleasure. You don’t want to go along with what other people expect of you. You want to be spontaneous.


A partner or workmate needs to know you value their help and support. Praise a colleague’s talents, compliment a loved one on their looks. Giving thanks where it is deserved will bring out the best in others. Someone will encourage you to take up a new challenge.


Money is tight. You don’t need a personal money management course to be able to keep on top of finances. You need more money and currently that just isn’t happening. It might feel as if you are using all your reserves just to stand still.


Some important choices are ahead for you. Some paths will lead nowhere. You are aware of this and that’s why you are taking your time to make up your mind. The more open you are with a partner about your feelings, the more they will be able to understand you.


A project you are involved in is starting to attract a lot of attention. Getting funding will be easier as people in high places are starting to see what can be achieved. An experiment or trial will result in a green light being given for further projects of this kind.


You haven’t meant to neglect a friendship recently but the fact is you’ve had a lot on your plate and you haven’t been able to find time for everything and everyone. Now you are ready to show a renewed interest in your social life and there is a lot going on you will want to know about.


You’re struggling to get financial support for a voluntary project. It may be necessary for you to find ways to broaden its appeal. It pays to be bold when making funding applications. Ask for as much as you possibly can. An experienced fundraiser will give you some useful tips.


You want a relationship to succeed but it feels like you are both drifting apart. You need to have a serious talk about the future. If a partner does not share, understand or support your hopes and dreams, you need to find out why.


Discussions on a social media site will give you something to think about. If and when emotions threaten to overwhelm you, pause and take a few deep breaths. Remove yourself from conversations that upset you. You can always go back to them when you have calmed your thoughts.


Joining forces with a friend or partner to bring about a mutual goal will bring you closer together. Bonds can be strengthened as you enjoy working on similar interests with each other. Valuable lessons are being learned about intimacy, sharing and caring.


Meditation, contemplation and being alone with your thoughts makes it easier to cope with stressful situations. Being in touch with your inner self will also help you to make some good decisions. The more confident you are about what you are doing, the better your prospects for the future will be.

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