Sisters shock mum by copying her cherry 'tramp stamp': 'The family seal'

Two sisters have chosen a frankly iconic way to honour their mum – by getting identical ‘tramp stamps’ just like hers.

Sisters, Lexi, 21, and Arin Martin, 19, had wanted matching tattoos for years.

Since they both have very close relationships with their mum, Kara, 40, they thought copying her tattoo would be the best way to show their love.

‘The story behind my mum’s “tramp stamp” is great – she got it on her high school graduation night in the year 2000,’ Lexi, from Utah, US, said.

‘She was a total 2000’s “It Girl” and I think the stereotypical 2000’s tramp stamp shows how iconic she was!

‘For a while, we never had a good enough idea to go through with getting [matching tattoos].

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‘But then, one day, the idea just clicked to get matching tattoos inspired by my mum’s tramp stamp.

‘My sister and I just had to recreate it. It was perfect.’

Each cherry tattoo cost £60 ($80), and their mum loved the results.

Lexi said: ‘My mum is supportive of any tattoos we decide to get, so we knew she’d be extra supportive of this one.

‘My sister and I knew we’d be getting an emotional reaction from her, she’s a crier.

‘We loved her reaction.

‘She was smiling from ear to ear and immediately took pictures to show her friends. It was so fun!’

In a TikTok video, the sisters share the moment they got their tattoos, and when they surprised their mum with the results.

Kara then bursts into tears and covers her mouth, before also showing her own original ink.

The clip was captioned: ‘Surprising our mom by getting the same tramp stamp she did in the 2000s’ and it’s earned over 672,000 likes so far.

People in the comments are living for it, with one person writing: ‘The family seal.’

‘Showing this to my daughters, I’d DIE if they got mine,’ wrote someone else.

Another fan commented: ‘I LOVE THIS OMG.’

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