Mum claims people cant tell her and her daughter apart – but trolls disagree

A mum has been blasted by trolls after claiming that people can’t tell her and her daughter apart – despite the 24-year age gap.

Barbie Porter and her daughter, Halie posted a clip to TikTok asking people to guess which one of them is older.

In the video 46-year-old, Barbie said: "Okay. So one of us is 46 and the other is 22.

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"But who’s which? Who’s the mum and who’s the daughter?"

The 22-year-old added: “Yeah, guess, please, please. Let us know in the comments."

The blonde bombshells are dressed in similar getups, with grey vest tops, denim, and a shirt.

But users were quick to hit the comment section, claiming it was obvious Barbie – in the red checked shirt – was the elder of the two.

One user wrote: "Redshirt is the mom you can see her skin is thinner which means she's older. Daughter looks significantly younger."

"Dude come on!!! We are not blind nor dumb!!" another added.

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A third commented: "Neck and wrinkles say it all sorry mom”.

One user said: "Idk about the rest of the comment section but it was obvious who was younger to me at first partial glance”.

"It's very obvious," another agreed.

However, not everyone was so harsh or found the pair as easy to tell apart.

One fan said: "Y'all both look 22 and you know it."

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