‘My big boobs are so heavy I’ll have a hump in my back when I’m 60’

A curvy woman took to TikTok to share her frustration at her large chest as she believes women with smaller breasts should celebrate being able to go braless.

Ariel Lathon, who posts on the app as @ladypainted90, had a rant for anyone who thinks that "having big boobs is a good idea" as she claims it is "overrated."

Drawing on her own experience as a heavy-chested woman, she claims she will have a hump in her back by the time she's 60.

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In the video, which gained more than 297,000 likes, Ariel explained: "Whoever said having t**ties was a good idea, clearly didn't have 'em. It's overrated…

"Let me tell you something to my babies, that's any itty-bitty t**ties girls, celebrate that.

"You get to walk out here without [a] bra on. You're not a candidate for scoliosis.

"I know I'm gonna have a hump in my back by the time I'm goddamn 60.

"This is an extra job on top of my job.


"When God was making me and he said, let there be breast, I wish he would've said rest 'cause a b**ch can't sleep half the time."

She also claims that sometimes she feels like she could be having a heart attack when she lies a certain way and it makes her chest feel tight and heavy.

TikTok users found the clip hilarious as many users with big boobs took to the comments to agree but others with small chests felt better about themselves.

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One user said: "Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone!"

Another added: "Can’t sleep on our backs without fear of the damn things strangling us, too!!"

A third commented: "So I should be happy."

A fourth wrote: "Seriously!! You are speaking the truth!."


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