People are only just realising how long they should keep their underwear

We all have our favourite pair of underwear.

Even if there's a hole in them, some don't have it in them to let go.

But did you know underwear have expiration dates? Yes, you heard that right…

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According to a TikTok user, it's important to throw out and replace undies when it gets to a certain time.

The video revealed how lingerie should be replaced every "six to 12 months" – and some people couldn't believe it.

Responding to the clip, one wrote: "I have mine until they don't fit or rip."

Another commented: "My oldest pair is 16 years."

According to Dr Chavone Momon-Nelson, there is no rule that said after "six months, cut them and get new undies".

The expert added: "If you're washing your underwear in warmer or hot water you are cleaning the bacteria off them.

"There's nothing wrong with a nice new pair of underwear that fit nice that are cotton and that are clean.

"And I wouldn't discourage anyone from wanting to buy new underwear. But I would not say that you have to throw away your old underwear."

Meanwhile, a doctor and intimate health specialist pointed out that underwear can take in "a lot of dead skin… as well as bacteria".

Dr Shirin Lakhani claimed "even washing your underwear in a washing machine won't always rid it completely of bacteria such as E.coli".

The specialist recommends replacing knickers at least once a year, but advises more frequent replacements if you wear them for activities like the gym.

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