Woman who hated ‘Pinocchio’ nose forked out £10k to fix ‘botched’ surgery

A woman who hated her ‘Pinocchio’ nose forked out £10,000 to fix her ‘botched’ surgery – having already paid £3,500 for a nose job.

Sophie Morris, 27, spent years being teased by classmates and became extremely self-conscious of her nose.

After struggling to save and holding down two jobs to pay for surgery, Sophie underwent a £3,500 rhinoplasty procedure in April 2017.

Six months after the operation, Sophie noticed her nose began to change – with a visible dent and other deformities forming.

She then had to shell out a further £10,000 to fix the problems after she became even more paranoid about her new nose than the original.

Now Sophie, who is finally happy with her nose, wants to urge other women to do extensive research before they undergo surgery.

Sophie, an events manager, says: "I regret having it and want to warn others that complications can happen during rhinoplasty.

"You see celebrities on Instagram having nose jobs and making it seem as though it’s a quick fix, but they can have serious consequences.

"It’s better to just love yourself as you are."

Sophie has always hated her nose and, aged 13, she was branded ‘Concord’ and ‘Pinocchio’ by classmates.

Sophie says: "I hated my nose because I thought it was really big and it looked bent.

"People asked me how I broke my nose and I’d have to explain that I hadn’t, it was really embarrassing.

"And then I was called ‘Pinocchio’ by classmates, it wasn’t malicious but those kind of comments can affect you.

"And I constantly compared my nose to my friend’s.

"I disliked my side profile more, as it stuck out and there was a bump.

"So I had a side fringe to distract from my nose." And Sophie’s insecurities haunted her.

She says: "If I went clothes shopping, I’d fall apart in the changing rooms as I could see my nose from the side.

"I became fixated on fixing it."

From the age of 18, Sophie knew she wanted a nose job to make it smaller and straight.

She says: "I did extensive research to find a surgeon I was comfortable with.

"And my mum leant me £1,000 to put towards it.

"She knew how much I hated my nose and just wanted me to be happy."

For 10 months, Sophie worked two part-time jobs in a bar and as a social media manager.

By April 2016, she had saved £3.5K to pay for the operation and she underwent surgery that month.

She says: "I was nervous about the operation but couldn’t wait to see my new nose.

"The procedure went well and I woke up really swollen, as expected.

"I looked like I’d been in a car crash." And when Sophie’s cast was removed later that month, her nose was perfect the tip was gone and her nose was straight.

She says: "I was delighted. It was exactly as I’d imagined.

"I loved showing it off."

And over the next six months, the swelling went down.

But by February 2017, a visible dent appeared in the bridge of her nose, known as an open roof deformity, and there was an inverted V deformity, where the lower end of the nasal bones visibly connect to the cartilage.

Sophie says: "The tip of my nose stuck out too. I was devastated and became really self-conscious of my nose again.

"It looked wonky – it was horrible.

"In fact, I was more paranoid about my new nose than my old big one!

"My confidence disappeared."

In February 2017, Sophie returned to her surgeon, who admitted fault and suggested she had filler in her nose to hide the deformity.

She agreed and he paid for her to have it at a different clinic but it made no difference.

In December 2017, she had a second round of fillers, which did help flatten out her nose.

Sophie says: "But I knew I needed to get it fixed properly.

"Thankfully in December 2017, I got the money refunded from my first surgery and £2,500 compensation."

In May this year, Sophie underwent a £10K revision with a different surgeon, Mr Ion at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, London.

She says: "It went really well and now I have the nose I’ve always dreamed of.

"I still have a couple of dents in my bridge but I refuse to have more surgery. I might need to have filler in the future.

"No plastic surgery is worth this. Love yourself as you are and don’t copy what celebrities on social media do, they’re risking their lives and their looks."

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