Apple’s iOS 13 has new iPhone keyboard tool that will transform the way you type

From writing texts to tapping out WhatsApp messages, most of us use our smartphone keyboard several times a day.

To make writing messages easier on iPhones, Apple is launching a new keyboard tool in its iOS 13 update.

The tool, called QuickPath, allows users to use gesture typing – something that’s been available on Android and Google smartphone keyboards for years.

Apple explained: “Simply swipe from one letter to the next without lifting your finger to enter a word.

“On‑device machine learning recognises the path you draw and converts it for you, making one‑handed typing a breeze.”

QuickPath will be enabled by default after users have updated their smartphone to iOS 13.

To use it, simply place a finger on the keyboard and swipe to the next letter, rather than lifting your finger off the screen.

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