Worst broadband speeds mapped and there is bad news for millions UK homes

The UK’s broadband speeds are lagging behind many parts of Europe with UK homes getting downloads that are almost twice as slow as places such as France, Spain and the Netherlands. That’s the findings from a new report by the team at Open Signal who have gathered broadband speed data from over 35 countries to see who is out in front and who isn’t keeping pace.

Coming top of the league is France with homes across the Channel getting average downloads of 121Mbps. Next it’s Spain (114Mbps) followed by the Netherlands (104Mbps), Switzerland (102Mbps) and Denmark (99Mbps).

According to Open Signal, the UK comes in 14th place with homes seeing average speeds of just 66Mbps. To put that into some perspective, a user in France could download a full HD movie in four minutes with the same blockbuster taking almost 10 minutes in Britain.

“Among the compared markets, France and Spain stand out with the best observed broadband network speeds,” Open Signal explained. “Our French and Spanish users record average Broadband Download Speeds of 121Mbps and 114.4Mbps, respectively, and average Broadband Upload Speeds of 88.5Mbps and 91.4Mbps, respectively.”

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If you thought that was bad, things get worse when it comes to uploads with Brits facing dismal speeds of just 20Mbps – that puts the UK in 23rd place behind Slovakia, Croatia and Czechia.

The only area where the UK does excel is in broadband consistency tests with Open Signal confirming that Britain’s internet quality stands at 78.4 percent – that’s the 6th best in Europe.

“Norway leads in Broadband Consistent Quality with a score of 84%, which is the percentage of users’ tests that meet the minimum recommended performance thresholds to watch HD video, complete group video conference calls and play games,” Open Signal added.

“This means that Norway leads in terms of consistent quality of broadband experience in the compared European markets, as measured by our users. Sweden (83.1%) and Denmark (82.6%) closely follow, highlighting the strong and consistent broadband infrastructure in Scandinavian countries.”

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The UK’s infrastructure continues to improve with more homes getting access to full fibre connectivity.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom says that 94 percent of UK homes should have a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) line by 2026. Hopefully, the next time Britain is placed against other countries it will come higher up the league.

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