You can now edit tweets thanks to major Twitter update – here’s how to do it

If there's one thing Twitter is famous for, it's preserving stupid things people have said and making it almost impossible to take it back.

But the social media platform could be about to change in a dramatic way following the launch of the 'edit Tweet' feature.

Like the feature's name suggests, Twitter users will be able to go back and edit the contents of their tweets after posting them.

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The editing tool is being rolled out to Canada, Australia and New Zealand following successful trials.

Users in those countries who subscribe to the premium Twitter Blue service will be able to make up to five edits within 30 minutes of posting.

Any changes made to posts will be indicated with a 'Last Edited' time and date stamp underneath the post, as well as an edit history so that other users can see what has changed.

Apparently, some UK users have also been given access to the feature. Social media consultant Matt Navarra shared 'the first edited tweet from the UK'.

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Matt shared screenshots of an alert in his Twitter Blue settings which indicates to users that editing tweets is available.

He also posted an image of what it looks like to edit a tweet using the feature, with the blue 'Tweet' button being replaced with 'Update'.

An 'Edit Tweet' tool has long been one of the most heavily-requested features for Twitter, and one that Elon Musk reportedly pushed for during his near-takeover of the platform earlier this year.


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