‘48 Hours’ Spinoff & Robert Hanssen Series Lead CBS News & Paramount Audio’s Latest Podcast Slate

EXCLUSIVE: CBS News and Paramount Audio are launching a pair of new podcasts as part of their latest slate.

The companies are launching Post Mortem from 48 Hours and Agent of Betrayal: The Double Life of Robert Hanssen to sit alongside returning shows Mobituaries with Mo Rocca and My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty.

Post Mortem from 48 Hours, which launches on September 19, is an extension of the eponymous true-crime series. It takes listeners behind the crime scene tape and will see the team behind the show discuss the key evidence, dead ends, mishaps, and stranger-than-fiction twists of each case.

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Agent of Betrayal: The Double Life of Robert Hanssen, which launches on September 28, tells the story of double agent Robert Hanssen. It explore how, amid the nuclear threat of the Cold War, America’s prized secrets were falling into the hands of its sworn enemy and the FBI’s hunt for the leak led to an astonishing discovery—the mole was one of its own, special agent Robert Hanssen.

For two decades, Hanssen masqueraded as a patriot while selling out his country, trading classified intelligence to the Soviet Union and later Russia, in exchange for cash and diamonds. He was a whirlwind of contradictions – a self-proclaimed patriot and a traitor, a family man who sexually betrayed his wife, an ardent man of God, and a sinner.

Through interviews with Hanssen’s family, friends, and colleagues, CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett delves into Hanssen’s secret life of Robert Hanssen and unravels the truth about the most damaging spy in FBI history.

The new shows come as Mobituaries with Mo Rocca and My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty are both returning for their fourth season.

Mobituaries, which is hosted by CBS News Sunday Morning correspondent Rocca, returns on October 4 and My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty, from the 48 Hours correspondent, returns on October 18.

CBS News said that downloads tied to the 48 Hours franchise doubled from 2021 to 2022 and are already outpacing those numbers this year.

“CBS News is one of the most trusted news sources around the world, and we are committed to making sure all audiences, not just our broadcast fans, have access to our reporting and the interesting stories they expect from our team,” said Steve Raizes, EVP of Podcasting & Audio at Paramount. “Our hosts, such as Mo Rocca and Erin Moriarty, are using audio to take their passions to new places that are only possible in podcasting and we are confident that the stories we are showcasing alongside Paramount Audio will resonate with listeners everywhere.” 

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