A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine emotional as buyer breaks down

A Place in the Sun: Jasmine tears up as guest's offer is accepted

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Monday’s episode was no different, and fans were touched by property searcher Tracey’s emotional reaction to securing the holiday home of her dreams. A Place in the Sun presenter Jasmine Harman had been on-hand to show Tracey and her best friend Jackie around five properties, and Channel 4 viewers took to social media to express how “pleased” they were when Tracey cried tears of joy as her offer was accepted in a moving moment.

Semi-retired children’s nurse Tracey was after a holiday home in La Duquesa on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Property expert Jasmine had lined up five properties to match Tracey’s £140,000 budget.

With Jackie joining her friend for moral support, Tracey made clear to Jasmine what kind of place she was after and admitted some of them felt “too grown up” for her.

She fell in love with property number three though, a three-bedroom duplex apartment in Casares Costa.

The apartment block featured two shared pools and playground facilities, which would be perfect for Tracey’s grandchildren.

The property included two balconies – both with dining areas – and a third, smaller balcony off the upstairs bedroom.

Inside was an open plan living dining room, a separate kitchen, two double bedrooms downstairs, and a family bathroom.

Upstairs was a third double bedroom, which also included an en suite shower room.

It was on the market for £151,695, and when it came to making a decision at the end, Tracey seemed set on her choice but went back to re-visit the property one more time.

“How was your second viewing?” Jasmine asked as the trio sat down to discuss what Tracey wanted to do.

“Wonderful, it got even better from room to room,” Tracey beamed.

“So Jackie, what’s your take on it?” asked the presenter.

“I know Tracey so well, and I could just tell that that was the property for her,” Jackie remarked.

“So what do you want to do?” Jasmine finally asked Tracey, who had a big decision to make.

“I’d really like to place an offer, please,” she stated excitedly.

Jasmine explained: “So, it’s on the market for just over £151,500. Have you got an idea of what you’d like to offer?”

“I think there’s going to be a few bits and pieces that need doing,” Tracey reflected. “So I would actually like to offer £140,000.”

Unfortunately, the offer was soon rejected, but the sellers offered the apartment for £146,000.

As Jasmine relayed this to Tracey, she asked: “Would you like to go with that?”

“No, you offer £145,000?” Tracey boldly asked, to Jasmine’s surprise.

“I know it’s £1,000 but that will help me big time,” Tracey continued.

“Exactly every little helps, doesn’t it?” Jasmine agreed.

After a phone call came in, Jasmine was able to reveal the seller had accepted the offer.

An emotional Jasmine hugged Jackie, who began to cry over the news.

Fans quickly gave their view on the touching moment as they reflected on the episode on social media.

Twitter user @mcharper04 wrote: “Despite all the laughing and all the crying actually pleased Tracey found her perfect place #APlaceInTheSun.”

@angenevs added: “Laughter & crying good luck to her, nice property. Adios peeps  #aplaceinthesun.”

@kaffpot commented: “Awwww very glad for Tracey. I think a lot was riding on finding the perfect property for her and her family.

Happy Spanish holidays, Tracey. #aplaceinthesun.”

“Even Jas is greetin’. Ah well, good for them. Ta-ra Placer Pals! #aplaceinthesun,” @the_cakegoddess added. (sic)

@JenJacks3 remarked: “I’m really pleased for her #aplaceinthesun.”

@mostlystupid penned: “Well, good stuff – fair play to her! #APlaceInTheSun.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays from 3pm on Channel 4.

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