How 'Catfish's' Nev Schulman and Wife Laura Perlongo Revealed Foursome in TooFab Interview (Exclusive)

MTV’s "Catfish" creator Nev Schulman and his wife Laura Perlongo hopped on the phone with TooFab Tuesday to discuss the debut of their new 10-episode love and relationship advice series "We Need To Talk" on ATTN. But the conversation quickly took a sharp turn when the couple confessed they may have personal experience with one of the topics they are most frequently asked about.

"Whether you admit it or not, everyone at some point in a long term relationship has thought to some degree about the potential of additional partners so we have the conversation, having sort of toyed with that here and there," Schulman told TooFab.

"Laura probably a little bit more than me prior to us getting together," he added. "But as a couple, before we were expecting our child, we were on a vacation and at an event that may have ended in a hotel room with another couple on New Years. You know, things happen."

Though Schulman and Perlongo don’t want to get bombarded with requests, they do plan on openly talking about the possibility of other partners in a relationship on "We Need To Talk" because it’s one of the biggest fantasies that "people are afraid to talk about."

"We don’t necessarily promote or condemn doing the thing," Schulman said. "What the show is really about is talking about it. It’s amazing how many people want to talk to their partner about maybe opening their relationship whether that means including someone in their bedroom or separately doing their own thing, you know it’s part of human nature that we are attracted to other humans."

Perlongo added that the idea of an open relationship is becoming more popular today due to the drastic change in social media exposure.

"I think in the world of social media now the buffet is bigger and more in your face than ever before so people have questions about what they can try," she said.

"Unlimited breadsticks!," Schulman joked.

TooFab recently spoke to the couple on the VMA carpet, where they belted out their favorite shower song:

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