Coronation Street fans blast ‘ridiculous’ Nick Tilsley plot

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Coronation Street youngster Sam Blakeman (played by Jude Riordan) has been desperate to get in touch with his mother’s killer Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor). He feels that confronting his mother’s killer and finding out the truth as to why he did it will put him at peace and allow his grief to move on. However, viewers of the ITV soap weren’t happy on Wednesday night when they felt the storyline had gone too far.

Tonight, Sam and his father Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) were preparing for the facilitator to come around and determine whether Sam would be able to visit Harvey.

Sitting in the cafe, Sam asked: “What else do I need to ask the facilitator?”

Nick replied: “Whether or not she thinks it is a good idea?”

Seeing the pain on his father’s face, Sam added: “I know how hard this is for you and Leanne. Harvey terrorised Simon Barlow (Alex Bain), tried to kill Leanne and she had to go into hiding.”

Sighing at the memory of it, Nick added: “That’s why I worry about bringing him back into our lives.”

Being honest with his father, Sam expressed: “He has never left mine. I think about my mum every day and when I think about her, I think about him.

“If I can understand why it happened, why he is like he is, I can get him out of my head and move on, just remember her.”

Later, Sam, Nick and Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) were nervously waiting for the arrival of the facilitator.

Turning to Nick, Leanne stated: “I think he is a bit nervous,” to which Nick agreed: “Yeah, I know how he feels.”

Wanting to make sure that it was the right decision, Leanne said: “Can always cut it off.”

But Nick quickly cut her off and exclaimed: “No, this is what he wants so we have to support him.”

Whilst sitting with the facilitator, Nick explained how he felt and said: “I am not saying that you shouldn’t do this.

“And I know he is mature but he is still just a kid! He should be going to see Little Mix, not walking into a prison to meet a man who killed his mother.”

Leanne added: “Look, we are just worried that it is going to bring everything back up again.”

Sam assured Nick, Leanne and the woman: “I know what I am doing. Speaking with Harvey is a really important step on the grief journey.”

The woman explained: “I understand your concerns I do, and if I thought this would cause any further harm to Sam, or re-traumatise him in any way I wouldn’t even entertain this.”

Surprised at the outcome, Leanne asked: “So you are entertaining it?” to which the woman replied: “Well this is only a preliminary discussion.

“But I do think this might be good for sam and he seems to be in the right place emotionally so I am happy to take this forward.”

After the meeting was over, Nick and Leanne discussed what they thought of the meeting and whether they should continue to give Sam what he wants.

Leanne expressed: “Well we just need to make sure he doesn’t get his hopes up.”

But Nick said: “I think it is a bit late for that. I can’t believe I am relying on that man to do the right thing. Maybe I should have a word with him, ask him to say no.”

Hoping for the right outcome, Leanne expressed: “Well he has already said that he doesn’t want him sending the letters.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe it would help Sam but it is just the thought of him going to the prison. Maybe we are just worrying about nothing, he will say no I am sure he will.”

Viewers of the episode became frustrated with Nick and Leanne for letting Sam continue to want to see Harvey and took to their Twitter accounts to express their annoyance.

@AntMelia94 exclaimed: “I’m sick of Sam psychoanalysing his mum’s murderer.”

Roberto Diniro fumed: “Sam shouldn’t go and see Harvey in prison this is ridiculous #Corrie @itvcorrie.”

@LeroyStHillwell stated: “He’s a kid. Just tell him no. End of. #Corrie.”

@dobiemanengland quipped: “Fancy letting Sam go and see that Harvey! Is that a bird-brain decision or what, he’s a child! FFS #Corrie.”

Karen Renton agreed: “This Sam and Harvey meet thing is so wrong. Who lets a child meet their mum’s murderer even in the name of restorative justice? Big fat nope #Corrie.”

However, not all viewers were unimpressed with the story, as @KingOfSunshine said: “Sam breaks my heart every time he’s in a scene #Corrie.” (sic)

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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