Antony Cotton's Coronation Street character Sean Tully in the pub

There’s danger coming up for Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) in Coronation Street soon after a taxi driver warns Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) that Laurence (Robert Shaw Cameron) is a dangerous man and Sean should watch his back.

Eileen (Sue Cleaver) and Todd soon discover that the taxi driver was previously in a relationship with Laurence when he was married, and suspects that Laurence pushed his wife down a mountain – and Sean could be in danger.

Todd tells Sean about what he’s discovered, but because of him previously trying to kiss Laurence, Sean isn’t in a mood to listen.

‘They are pretty much estranged,’ Antony Cotton told us as he reflected on Todd and Sean’s relationship.

‘Writer Jonathan Harvey and I had a conversation about this years ago,’ he revealed. ‘Jonathan saw them as like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford who hated each other but kind of couldn’t live without each other. Each relied on the other. Todd and Sean are like brothers, you can’t choose your family and sometimes you can’t stand the sight of certain family members.’

While Todd certainly messed up in his pursuit of Sean’s boyfriend, Antony reflected that often the situation is reversed and Sean is the one to blame for them falling out.

‘Even though Sean and Todd have never actually hated each other they have had, as all families do, altercations where Todd has been badly behaved or Sean has been extra, over the top and needy,’ he said.

‘They bubble along until something happens. It is usually Todd that will do the nasty thing but more often than not Sean will instigate something because he has reacted in an over the top way. Sean doesn’t have a nasty bone in his body but he can be so annoying.

‘Sean doesn’t have a motive for anything. He messes up and can be deeply irritating at times but it is never through malice.’

Where this rivalry could lead to danger for Sean is when it causes him to not believe Todd’s warnings about Laurence.

‘When Todd is presented with this fact that he finds out about Laurence, even when it seems to be coming from a good place Sean can’t help but feel Todd is just a bit of a nasty piece of work and he is doing it on purpose,’ Antony told us.

‘Even when it comes from a protective place over Sean and it is something that Sean should be told about it, very quickly also turns into Todd being excited that he has this news to tell.

‘This is a classic boy who cried wolf story that Todd has said everything out loud about Laurence that he could possibly say but there is always going to be that one time when something might be true.’

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