Corrie episode guide: Ryan missing, Paul's secret calls and Roy hospitalised

Coronation Street is dominated by medical traumas and mishaps next week as two men struggle in the wake of terrible news, while Roy Cropper (David Neilson) has worries of his own.

Following his horrific burns from an acid attack, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) is bracing himself to see the full extent of his injuries.

Supported by Alya Nazir (Sair Khan), he is overwhelmed when he sees what has been done to his face.

The doctor then has further bad news when Ryan is informed that his scars aren’t healing as they should be, and he is going to need a skin graft.

While this is going on, attacker Justin (Andrew Still) takes the stand in court and there’s horror all round when he pleads not guilty.

Meanwhile, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) is still trying to get his head around his potential diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease, knowing that he could face a terminal decline.

As he tries to get answers one way or another, he makes a surreptitious call, not yet ready to share his fears with his loved ones.

And elsewhere, Roy suffers chest pains and heads to the hospital to find out what’s wrong.

Here’s what to expect next week.

Monday April 17

At court Daniel is stunned when Justin pleads not guilty at his plea hearing and braces himself to break the news to Daisy who couldn’t face the hearing.

Daisy calls at the hospital and breaks the news to a shocked Ryan and Alya. Ryan admits he’s scared witless at the thought of having to relive the whole nightmare in court.

When Alya assures him she’ll be right by his side, Ryan admits that he loves her. How will she react?

Daisy takes Crystal to see Ryan in hospital, hoping she will boost his confidence. Ryan thanks Daisy for bringing Crystal in and admits that discussing gigs in Ibiza has given him something to focus on. 

Evelyn persuades Roy to accompany her to her Salsa class and Glenda realises she’s got her work cut out. With their salsa lesson underway, Roy clutches his chest and admitting that he doesn’t feel well, hurries out.

Evelyn calls in the café and chides Roy for abandoning her mid-salsa lesson. Roy reiterates that he felt unwell but refuses to elaborate and Evelyn leaves in a huff. 

Jackson and Miley call at the factory to see Faye.  Faye is touched when Craig presents them with 3 tickets for the Weatherfield Giants basketball game and insists they go and enjoy themselves.

As they head for the tram stop with Miley, Faye and Jackson share a lingering look. Later back at the Bistro Craig presents Miley with a basketball signed by her favourite player. 

Beth meets up with Marco outside the precinct and agrees to go for a drink. As Beth and Marco flirt on the swings, Marco makes his feelings clear and kisses Beth briefly on the lips. 

In the café, Elaine puts pressure on Stephen to announce their engagement, but Stephen persuades her that they should wait until they’ve moved into their new flat.

Michael starts his new role as junior manager and suggests to Stephen that Rufus must have drunkenly fallen into his swimming pool. Stephen’s only too happy to go along with his theory. 

Wednesday April 19

With Carla there for support, Ryan tells the surgeon he’s ready to look at his injuries.

But as he stares at his face the surgeon breaks the news that he is not healing as they had hoped and he needs a skin graft. Daisy and Carla head into Ryan’s room only to discover him missing and his backpack gone. A search party is organised.

Daisy and Carla find Ryan by the tram station clearly traumatised. Daisy tells Daniel that she can’t bring herself to tell Ryan that Crystal wants nothing more to do with him. 

Stu is shocked to hear he stands to get around £200K compensation and but is devastated when he discovers that Eliza is being bullied at school because her mum is in prison.

Faye and Jackson arrange to meet in town for a drink after his interview, Faye lies to Craig that she is meeting a girlfriend. Meanwhile a guilty Beth tells Kirk she can’t make the meal he has booked as she is meeting some old pals for a drink

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Faye meets up with Jackson in a hotel bar. When Beth arrives with Marco in tow, Faye and Beth share horrified looks, each having been caught on a date with their ex.

Faye returns home with Jackson in tow, but she’s taken aback to find Craig there baking cookies with Tim and Miley.

Roy attends an appointment with Dr Gaddas and describes how he’s been suffering chest pains and breathlessness. Dr Gaddas tells him she’ll arrange for some tests. When Evelyn finds out she insists on accompanying him to the hospital.

Friday April 21

Faye is torn when Jackson asks her to move down south with him as he has managed to get a new job.

Her dilemma is compounded when Beth takes her to Victoria Street gardens where a small crowd has gathered including Jackson and Miley and Craig gets down on one knee declaring his undying love for her and asks her to marry him. What will she do?  

Having been told that the skin graft was successful and he’s free to go home later today. Ryan and Carla head to the canteen but Ryan struggles when he sees a group of nurses giggling and can’t help wondering if they’re laughing at him.

A little girl runs into Ryan’s room chasing her ball and stares at Ryan’s face, full of curiosity.  Ryan tells Alya that he wants to be alone. 

Stu returns from his meeting at the school and tells Yasmeen that the Head suggested Eliza might be better off in another school. 

Yasmeen reckons a fresh start could be the answer. When Stu reveals that he’s arranged an interview for her at Oakhill. Eliza admits to Stu that she’s not keen on the idea of going to Oakhill and asks Sam what Weatherfield High is like.

Stu relents and agrees to call Weatherfield High.  

When Billy suggests they book a holiday and offers to pay for it, Paul does his best to appear enthusiastic.

Paul takes a call from his MND specialist hoping to find out one way or the other if he’s got motor neurone disease, but when Billy returns home he quickly kills the call. 

In the factory, Kirk gives Beth the cold shoulder. Beth assures Kirk she’s never going to see Marco again. Kirk reckons it’s too little, too late. Asha and Amy agree to organise a surprise 21st birthday party for Nina. Aaron overhears Asha discussing Nina’s surprise party with Aadi and invites himself along.

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