EastEnders actress teases Christmas death clues that are red herrings

EastEnders actress Vicki Michelle has teased a number of Christmas death clues that are "red herrings."

Vicki has played Jo Cotton on and off throughout this year, and she has hinted the show bosses may be throwing viewers on the wrong track with some of the recent clues ahead of a huge festive season on the Square.

Fans have been picking up on a whole host of clues recently, from champagne bottles to outfits and everything in between.

As a result, they are convinced they know the identity of the man who meets his end on Christmas day, while most of the cast remain in the dark.

In the BBC soap, Jo is the ex-wife of the popular character Rocky Cotton, who is leaving this year, it has been confirmed.

His departure has left many fearing that he is the male who is dead, but Vicki thinks that fans are being teased with clues.

She has explained that she has no idea who dies, but she believes that the clues that the viewers have watched so far are "red herrings" to throw everyone off the scent she has told The Mirror.

The 72 year old also told the publication: "I think they are just dropping clues to put people off the truth."

She failed to give away any information in relation to Rocky and his exit storyline.

Vicki also explained that she doesn't know anything about how the Walford resident will leave the Square.

Jo was last seen on screens in July after attempting to ruin married life for Rocky and his new wife, Kathy Cotton.

Fans have been guessing since February who the dead body is on Christmas Day after the soap aired a special flash-forward episode from the festive season.

In the huge scene in the Queen Vic, Denise Fox, Suki Panesar, Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale, Sharon Watts and Linda Carter are stood over a body.

We are yet to find out the exact details as to what happens with the man, but it appears that the woman has had a showdown with the mystery person.

All six of the women are either covered in blood, or some part of their clothing is ripped in the dramatic scene.

While it seems like every man could be the unlucky person, the main suspects according to the fans, are Dean Wicks, Martin Fowler, Rocky Cotton, Nish Panesar, Jack Branning, Phil Mitchell, Theo Hawthorne and Ravi Gulati.

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