EastEnders fans shocked as Stacey Slater contacted by dead character in chilling twist

EastEnders fans were left sickened after fan favourite character Stacey Slater received a Facebook friend request from her dead husband Bradley Branning.

She received the request after a catfish had pretended to be her and sent flirty messages to Billy Mitchell, after which they then impersonated Bradley to further torment her.

It's thought that Stacey's stalker, and new neighbour, Theo has been the one behind these messages, as fans continue to speculate that he's going to be the Christmas murder victim.

After Stacey received the request from 'Bradley', fans were quick to take to social media to share their thoughts on the twisted scheme.

One wrote: "Stacey getting a Friend Request from Bradley. [heartbroken emoji] Theo is so twisted. #EastEnders."

"Theo making an account of Bradley & sending a friend request to Stacey is so messed up. Its making me think he's teamed up with someone she knows for him to know such info. #EastEnders" added another.

While a third penned: "Can't believe Theo has made an account of Bradley… is there nothing that creep won't stoop to #EastEnders."

It comes after fans suggested that Theo may have teamed up with Stacey's former friend-turned-enemy Ruby Allen, who is currently believed to be in prison.

Speculating that this may be how Theo knows so much about Stacey, despite only having known her a short while, one fan wrote: "Surely Theo can’t be that clever when it comes to Stacey’s backstory. The only person I can see working with Theo to get revenge on Stacey and the Slaters is Ruby."

While another added: "Theo really has done his research into Stacey. I wonder if he’s worked with an inside Source (Ruby Allen potentially) to get the info he needs? Remember, Ruby and Stacey were friends for years pre their feud. She’d know about her exes and her bipolar."

And while the Theo storyline is certainly proving tense for the viewers, the same appears to be true for actor William Ellis, who has been receiving public abuse since taking on the role.

Speaking to The Sun, William explained: "I was on a flight to Ibiza six weeks ago when the storyline kicked in as Theo might be grooming Lillia (actress Lillia Turner, aka Lily Slater,) and I was flying on my own."

Before adding: "In very good humour, I was called a 'nonce' by various stag parties and hen parties behind me."

Despite their opinions, William took the exchange as a "real bonus", adding: "People are talking about the show, there was no bad feeling, but it just meant that you're part of something so big and part of a show that is so canonised."

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