EastEnders spoilers: Karen Taylor rages at her boss after he gives her bad news

KAREN Taylor rages at her boss after he gives her bad news next week in EastEnders. 

The single mother – who is played by actress Lorraine Stanley in the BBC soap – is in dire straits after losing her job.

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But next week, Karen’s mission to find a new job proves unsuccessful. 

When she runs into her former boss Apostolos, he tells her he’s got a proposition for her but Karen takes it the wrong way. 

Later, Karen meets up with Apostolos at Walford East and quickly gives him a piece of her mind. 

Will Karen put her foot in it?

EastEnders fans were left outraged last month after Karen put her efforts into spreading her opinions on the Covid vaccine.

When Karen heard Patrick and Suki chatting about the vaccine in the Minutemart, she proudly announced she was an anti-vaxxer – and that she didn’t trust ‘any of that rubbish’.

But Patrick was quick to set the record straight and mock Karen for buying a packet of cigarettes. 

“Last year I was lying in a hospital bed, gasping for breath and thought it was all over. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy,” he said.

He added: "Covid? That’ll kill you faster than those fags.”

Suki chimed in: “Some of the best scientists have worked on this. But you reckon you know better. How’s your PhD going?”

Karen was mortified and rushed off out of the shop.

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